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ACRITEC Construction
Acritec is an accredited engineering firm based in the Rhône-Alpes region that performs technical, periodic, regulatory, advisory, and commissioning inspections of its clients' work tools in complete safety.
ACTION-NDT Wholesale/Retail
Action NDT is your trusted partner for all your Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) needs. Our expertise extends from the distribution and design of cutting-edge NDT equipment to custom manufacturing and associated services such as after-sales service, annual calibrations, and consulting.
API TECH IT/Communication
Since 2004, API TECH is specialized in automation, electricity and industrial computing.
Food vending machines, Smart Pizza and Smart Baguette are acclaimed by professional bakers and pizza makers. Entirely designed and developed in-house, the Smart machines range will soon welcome new evolutions for the distribution of other food products.
AQUA 2000
AQUA 2000 Wholesale/Retail
Designing, manufacturing, marketing, and installing water softeners throughout France and neighboring countries. Renowned for our expertise and impeccable customer service, we offer water softeners from renowned brands like Fleck and Autotrol, as well as our own innovative Hydro@Home models that are economical and eco-friendly. Our passionate team is at your disposal to advise and guide you in choosing the ideal water softener for your needs.
ATELIER OLEA Other Services
Our agency provides complete management of your landscaping project, from its conception to its realization. Whether you represent a company, an individual or a community, we will provide you with in-depth réflexion and personalized solutions. With 10 years of experience, we have developed a proven process that allows us to support you throughout the project while remaining your only point of contact.
AV Tech/Abvent
AV Tech/Abvent IT/Communication
Founded in 1985 by French architects, Abvent has become a global leader in technology and services for architecture and construction. Headquartered in Paris, the company operates internationally by offering cutting-edge software solutions such as ARCHICAD, Rhino 3D and BIMoffice, which have become references in the field of imaging and BIM.
Auriseo Wholesale/Retail
Auriseo (Audilo) is the complete hearing solution for all your needs. Whether you are looking for a state-of-the-art hearing aid, hearing protection for work, or ear hygiene products, Auriseo offers you high-quality products at attractive prices. Benefit from personalized advice and impeccable customer service for an optimal buying experience.
BATIMEX Wholesale/Retail
Founded in Marseille in 2004, BATIMEX is a company specializing in the wholesale of home and garden products. BATIMEX offers a range of quality products to major French and foreign distribution channels.
BBCDH Energy supply
With over 10 years of experience, BBC Habitat Design Energie is a climate engineering specialist. We provide sales, installation, and maintenance of air treatment and renewable energy products for both individuals and businesses. Our primary goal is your complete satisfaction by offering you quality services tailored to your structure.
BEHRING Wholesale/Retail
Behring, a manufacturer of secure water fountains thanks to its patented technology, has equipped more than 600 establishments since 2006 and is based in Meylan (Isère). Its fountains are present in hospitals and nursing homes (under the Behring Water Care brand) and in restaurants and businesses (under the Behring Craft Water brand).
CEPELEC Wholesale/Retail
For over 30 years, we have been dedicated to the industrial sector. We primarily focus on manufacturing processes while prioritizing the safety of individuals. Our added value lies in our ability to provide you with the expertise, training, and technical solutions you need in your field of activity. Expertise - Training - Technical Solutions: A foundation to support you in your progress efforts.
Deluxe Media Paris is a leading provider of audiovisual localization services, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions including dubbing, subtitling, and audio description. Their team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering high-quality, culturally sensitive translations that enhance the viewing experience for audiences worldwide.
A trusted partner of insurance companies and their experts, DETERMINANT® France conducts diagnostic and engineering missions while optimizing the timeliness of its interventions. The complementary expertise and high technicality of the group's engineers make it possible to limit the dispersion of actors, while enhancing the role of the expert.
EASYBOURSE Finance/Insurance
EasyBourse, a subsidiary of La Banque Postale, simplifies investing and life insurance with its user-friendly online platform. Catering to all levels of financial expertise, EasyBourse provides personalized guidance and accessible tools. Committed to sustainable practices, the company offers eco-conscious and socially responsible investment options, enabling individuals to invest for their future while contributing to a better world.
HR professionals, employers, and accountants, rely on our comprehensive, accurate, and practical documentation covering all aspects of labor law and payroll. Our experts ensure that the content is optimally updated, providing you with reliable information for effective personnel management. Examples, tools, templates, and real-world cases support your decisions regarding employees and help you save time.
EDITIONS WEKA Other Services
Leveraging a network of experts, a nationwide presence, and a comprehensive knowledge base, WEKA facilitates the sharing of expertise, skills, and experience within the public sector. By providing a comprehensive, innovative, and interactive offering, WEKA works tirelessly to support public servants, guiding them through their projects and careers on a daily basis.
ENLAPS Wholesale/Retail
Enlaps designs and markets Tikee timelapse solutions for image professionals and businesses seeking to create and share innovative digital content. We believe that digital imagery is a unique medium for preserving time, memories, and emotions. This drives our commitment to developing innovative solutions and technologies that empower every image to tell a story worth sharing, analyzing, and remembering.
EPDM Construction
EPDM Solutions, founded in 2007, is a company headquartered in Onnaing, near Valenciennes. The company markets waterproofing solutions in the Greater North of France, from Strasbourg to Rouen via Lille, Lens, Valenciennes and throughout the Hauts-de-France Region.
EURL Angebault
EURL Angebault
Angebault, through its online store Maisange, offers a wide range of equipment and spare parts to professionals and individuals for home security, motorization, and home automation.
Editions T.I.
Editions T.I. Other Services
Éditions Techniques de l'Ingénieur (ETI), also known as Éditions TI, is a French publishing house specializing in information for technical and scientific professionals. Founded in 1946, ETI has been a member of the WEKA publishing group since 1995. The company is best known for its flagship publication, Techniques de l'Ingénieur, a comprehensive collection of technical and scientific databases available in both print and online formats.