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Aquatech Skin Care
Aquatech Skin Care Manufacturing
Established in 1998, Aquatech Skin Care Inc. is a distinguished premium skin care manufacturer with over 20 years of industry expertise. Adhering to stringent ISO 22617-GMP guidelines, the company conducts meticulous in-house research, testing, and production of all products. Every step, from concept to compounding, is comprehensively documented. The head office and manufacturing facility, centrally situated in Toronto, Canada, offer robust after-sales support while serving the entire North American region.
Maqabim Distributors Ltd
Maqabim Distributors Ltd Wholesale/Retail
Maqabim Distributors is a Canadian industry leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of cannabis accessories and vaping products. Headquartered in Winnipeg, and established in 2012, they work with the most sought after brands in both the cannabis and vaping market.