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Benefits of upgrading to Odoo 17

 Performance improvement

Like all updates, upgrading to Odoo v17 will allow you to gain speed and efficiency, providing an opportunity to optimize the performance of your ERP system while reducing the risks associated with errors or delays.

 Enhanced features

Odoo 17 includes several new features and improvements that can help you streamline your processes and enhance productivity. It includes better human resources management and other new management features.

 Improved security

Odoo 17 helps protect your business and data through security updates. This includes better password management, increased security for online payments, and improved data protection.

 Improved user experience

Odoo 17 features a modern and intuitive interface that eases system navigation and usage. This can help improve user adoption and make it easier for employees to learn and use the system.

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CAPTIVEA supports international and local businesses based in Europe, North America, and Asia. As one of the top Odoo partners, we are a certified Odoo Gold Partner and hold certifications for the following versions: Odoo 12, Odoo 13, Odoo 14, Odoo 15,Odoo 16 and Odoo 17.


What’s new in Odoo 17?

Odoo is the most powerful and advanced ERP system in the world. Upgrading to Odoo 17 can enhance the performance, features, security, and user experience of your ERP system, ultimately helping your business work more smoothly and efficiently.


Improved interface

Thanks to the new intuitive platform of Odoo v17, the user experience will reach another level. Besides the elegance reflected in its interface, this update offers more advanced search functions and added shortcuts for faster navigation. You can also customize the appearance of your interface by rearranging the placement of applications on your home screen. This way, your business can benefit from a powerful tool that positively influences your productivity.


Improved searches

This new version of Odoo offers smoother navigation with various options presented in its search engine. All filtering options can now be found in a single panel within the search bar, unlike the old version that separated them. This allows Odoo to quickly process all sorting commands without navigating between different menus. Additionally, you can customize your filter to define your own search rules and save them for more precise searches.

Integration of ChatGPT Odoo-17-chat-gpt-integration

This update comes with the integration of the coveted AI: ChatGPT. This collaboration opens up new perspectives, particularly in text generation for various applications. Several advantages can be cited from this integration: 

  • A smoother content creation: AI can help generate text variations, providing multiple options to enrich and diversify content. 
  • Engaging email template drafting: It enhances the efficiency of communication with clients and partners. 
  • Creative and persuasive formulations for marketing campaigns: You can easily reach a broader and more diverse audience thanks to ChatGPT's ability to quickly generate multiple versions of advertising messages, simplifying your A/B testings.

POS, a new restaurant module

With an simplified payment, the new version of Odoo 17 enables restaurateurs to enhance their workflow with the updated Point of Sale (POS) module, now tailored for restaurants. Now, customers can place their orders themselves through the platform and seamlessly track the status of their orders with a unique number assigned to them. Customers can now reserve a table online through a functionality integrated into the Point of Sale (POS) system. Online reservations are automatically displayed in the POS, and new tables created also generate resources in the appointment application for immediate bookings. Various payment methods are offered to customers: in cash, by card, or by scanning a QR code. This last feature allows customers to pay quickly and securely without the need to transmit credit card information.

Whatsapp feature in Odoo Odoo-17-watsapp-integration

Now, you can communicate smoothly and seamlessly with your clients on Odoo v17 thanks to the integration of WhatsApp in the ERP. This feature optimizes conversations and notifications, easily connecting your business to the customer by allowing you to send order confirmations, shipping details, invoices, or payment links directly through this platform.

Simplified HR Odoo17-simplified-HR

Odoo v17 has also improved the Human Resources (HR) module by introducing new features for better personnel management. A new hierarchical view has been introduced to allow employees to easily see relationships and the company's structure. To ensure an optimal productivity rate, this update includes enhanced attendance management. Now, tracking working hours, leave management, and other aspects related to presence at work can be easily viewed.

Voices messages Odoo17-Voice-message-feature

The transition to Odoo v17 brings another innovation that ensures smooth workflow: the ability to chat directly and send voice messages. This option allows you to dictate complex subjects instead of typing them, easing the transmission of information more quickly and efficiently among Odoo users.

Do you want more features ?

Of course, these few improvements are just a tiny part of everything that has been enhanced and/or introduced in this new version of Odoo v17! Want to learn more about all these innovations? Contact CAPTIVEA, and we'll be happy to show you everything!

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