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Essential information about ERP software


What is an ERP software?

ERP is a business management software that allows you to manage a large number of activities in a company. By automating many processes and gathering data in a single software package, the company will be able to improve its profitability and productivity.

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Before setting up an ERP software

There are many ERP software available on the market. They each have their own particularities, advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore important to define what the company needs, what are its priorities before choosing the ERP software that will be implemented.

After that, we must ask ourselves the question of the implementation time frame. Some software requires a lot of time to customize and others less. If a company is in a hurry to increase its profitability, it is better to choose a brick type software in which you can choose the features that are needed.

And of course you also have to look at the costs of implementing the software (for more details on this point, see the article "what budget for a business management software"). Most ERP software offers license costs per month and per user. And it is necessary to take in cost the costs of configuration, integration, customization and training to the software.

Today most ERPs are online, so it is also necessary to plan a budget for hosting the software.

Hosting can generally be provided by the publisher, or by the integrator or directly by the company installing the software if it has the necessary internal infrastructure and skills. (See the article on hosting business management software for more details on this point).


How to set up an ERP software?

After thinking about all the above points, it is time to start implementing.

For this purpose, a company that wants ERP software can use the services of an ERP expert.

This expert can help and advise the company in its choice of software and help it define its priorities and needs.

Once the software has been chosen, it is necessary to call upon an integrator who will configure and customize the ERP software.

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Captivea is an ERP expert and business management software and supports companies in the implementation and success of their ERP project.

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