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CAPTIVEA LUXEMBURG, located in Belval

Our Odoo consultants are available locally to privilege proximity with our customers in this region. We cover Luxembourg and Belgium. 

Captivea Luxembourg is located in Belval in the south of Luxembourg.

We are close to the University of Luxembourg and in the middle of a very active area that are growing.

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Captivea Luxembourg, a distinguished Odoo Silver Partner, has earned a reputation in the field of Odoo integration and business process improvement. Featuring a team of skilled professionals, Captivea Luxembourg is committed to delivering high-quality, customized Odoo solutions for companies across a variety of industries.

Our proficiency and steadfast dedication to customer success have reinforced our position as a reliable and trustworthy partner, helping organizations tap into the full power of the Odoo platform to optimize operations and promote growth.

If you are looking for an Luxemburg based Odoo Partner, we are here ! We are ready to visit you if you needed anywhere in the Luxemburg.

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CAPTIVEA Luxemburg

 5, Avenue du Swing, L-4367 BELVAUX

+352 20 33 41 42 

[email protected]

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