Cash Management Simplified with Agicap: Transform Your Treasury into a Strategic Asset

Explore Agicap, a platform that streamlines financial management for businesses. With its advanced tools and intuitive interface, you can turn your treasury into a strategic asset by monitoring your finances in real-time, anticipating financial fluctuations, and making confident strategic decisions.

Who is Agicap?

Agicap is a leading company in Europe, specializing in treasury management for SMEs and mid-cap companies. Their commitment stands out through their offering of innovative and comprehensive solutions. With a dedicated team of over 600 employees across more than 12 countries, Agicap has become a trusted partner for over 7000 clients worldwide.

By providing complete visibility into your finances and advanced features, Agicap enables businesses to optimize their cash flows, reduce financial risks, and make informed strategic decisions to foster sustainable growth.

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What Are Their Products?

Enhancement of Cash Management

Agicap offers a comprehensive solution to enhance the cash management of businesses, allowing them to anticipate and refine their short-term balances. Through a user-friendly interface and advanced features, Agicap helps businesses gain visibility into their cash positions, optimize the yield of their cash surpluses, and reduce the risk of liquidity shortages.

  • Streamlined Connectivity: This cash management solution simplifies connectivity between your banks, ERP systems, and other financial data sources. With secure protocols, you can centralize and consolidate all your financial data, enabling you to have an overview of your balances and control your cash positions at all levels of the company.
  • Anticipation and Optimization: With Agicap, you can anticipate all your balances on a single interface, using the best connectivity protocols to consolidate all your banking and ERP data. This allows you to centralize cash surpluses, bank fees, loans, and lines of credit, and control all your cash positions at the group or entity level.
  • Maximization of Gains: This software allows you to maximize your gains on available cash by investing more efficiently and frequently. With improved visibility into your cash positions, you can optimize periods of cash surplus without risking liquidity shortages, enabling you to boost your cash flow and improve your financial performance.
  • Cash Planning: With Agicap, you can easily create and track your cash forecasts, combining your data to produce reliable forecasts and scenarios. With an intuitive interface and advanced features, you can accurately anticipate in a volatile economy, refine your assumptions and projections, and cover future exposure to volatility-related risks.
  • Bank Debt Management: Agicap allows you to centralize the management of your fixed-rate and variable-rate bank debts, automatically calculating future loan interests and updating your cash flow forecasts. With advanced management and reporting tools, you can refine your cash flow analyses, automate reporting, and accurately present group performance and trends to your partners and investors.

Bank Connectivity with Your ERP

Agicap offers an integrated solution to simplify connectivity between your banking institutions and your ERP systems. This platform allows you to consolidate and secure your financial data, offering more efficient and transparent management of your daily operations.

  • Connect Your Banks and ERP with Ease : With Agicap, integrating your banks with your ERPs becomes simple and intuitive. With a user-friendly interface and secure protocols such as EBICS, PSD2, SWIFT, and Host-to-Host, you can centralize all your financial information in one place, facilitating cash management.
  • Secure Data Transfer : The security of your transactions is a top priority. Agicap allows you to secure data transfer between your banks and ERP through advanced protocols and customized validation rules. This enables you to exchange information with confidence, minimizing the risks of fraud or manipulation.
  • Automate Processes to Save Time : With built-in automation, Agicap simplifies the data transfer process between your different platforms. Account statements are automatically integrated into your ERP, while payment orders can be easily generated and transmitted to your banks. This automation allows you to save valuable time and focus on more strategic tasks for your business.

Key Features of Agicap

Centralized cash management

With Agicap, centralize the management of your cash on a single interface, using the best bank connectivity protocols and automating data preparation. This will allow you to strengthen the reliability of your short-term forecasts, secure your daily operations, and optimize your investments to maximize your financial returns.

Various fonctionnality

Agicap offers a comprehensive range of strategic, financial, and operational features to improve cash management for businesses, as well as extensive connectivity with banking and ERP systems for seamless integration of financial data.

Your Benefits from Using Agicap

Agicap offers numerous strategic, financial, and operational benefits

Clear Vision and Total Control

Agicap provides you with complete visibility into your treasury, allowing you to track and control your financial flows in real-time.

Investment Optimization

With Agicap, you can maximize the return on your investments by proactively leveraging short-term cash surpluses.

Accurate Forecasts

Anticipate the future needs of your business with precise forecasts and advanced analysis tools.

Operational Simplicity

Save time and reduce the risks of errors with automated processes and an easy-to-use interface.


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