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2G International
2G International Wholesale/Retail
2G International is specialized in ecological, responsible and sustainable mobility. The e-Mobility solution is the logical continuation of the ambition of 2G International and its management team, which has always had as an objective to be an actor impacting on our current world, our environment but especially on the heritage that we will leave to our children.
A.T.D. Quart Monde Luxembourg Asbl
A.T.D. Quart Monde Luxembourg Asbl Health/Social
The Human Rights Movement is an apolitical and non-denominational initiative that brings together individuals from diverse social backgrounds and ages. In collaboration with underprivileged individuals, it carries out cultural, civic, and political actions to promote respect for the fundamental rights of the most disadvantaged and raise public awareness of their situation. The goal is to foster social inclusion and respect for the rights of underprivileged individuals.
We are high-end cleaning and maintenance experts for private and commercial buildings. Our clientele consists of individuals and professionals in Luxembourg and neighboring regions. With 15 years of experience as a leader, we work in collaboration with renowned craftsmen and reputable professionals to ensure services of impeccable quality.
AUNILEC SOLAR Energy supply
Established in 1999, Aunilec Solar has emerged as a leading expert in energy conversion and inverter manufacturing. Specializing in the design and supply of customized solutions for small to medium-scale photovoltaic installations, it offers a range of products from 3KVA to 500KVA. Its commitment to innovation and quality ensures reliable and efficient solutions to meet the diverse energy needs of its customers.
AZAP - Brand your items
AZAP - Brand your items Other Services
AZAP offers a wide range of customizable business gifts and promotional items at attractive prices. Working with ethically selected partners, they provide tailored solutions, ranging from personalization to comprehensive services such as import/export and graphic design.
Arduina Wholesale/Retail
Arduina, a distinguished Ardennes-based coffee brand, offers a passionate selection of coffee beans and ground coffee. Committed to global forest preservation through fair trade practices, Arduina ensures fair compensation for producers, resulting in exceptional coffee quality. Each cup of Arduina coffee, roasted in the Ardennes, contributes to nature preservation and sustainable forests.
Ashanti's Beauty
Ashanti's Beauty Other Services
Ashanti'S is a company specialized in wellness in Luxembourg.
Susana, the director, offers home & institute treatments for Seniors & People with Reduced Mobility.
Autrement Sàrl
Autrement Sàrl Other Services
Domitille Desrousseaux (manager of Autrement SARL) is dedicated to helping adults find happiness and balance between their professional and family lives. By emphasizing self-esteem and self-awareness development, she encourages emotional management and the satisfaction of individual needs. By identifying and overcoming personal obstacles, she promotes inner harmony and authentic self-expression. Through promoting a healthy self-esteem, the approach aims to enhance family, friendship, and professional relationships, facilitating personal fulfillment and fostering sincere and compassionate communication.
BSPK Other Services
BSPK is an independent consulting firm based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and active both locally and abroad.
BSPK's mission is to serve and listen to companies wishing to develop their potential. Our mission is primarily human, resolutely strategic and pragmatically organizational.
Brasserie D´BRAUSTUFF Food/Hospitality
The Brasserie D'Braustuff located in the heart of Bascharage, invites you to discover typical Luxembourgish dishes in a unique setting.
Taste the different beers produced by the National Brewery.
Possibility to privatize one of the floors of the restaurant for your birthdays, business lunches etc.
CLC Consulting
CLC Consulting Finance/Insurance
CLC Consulting is an accounting and administrative assistance office in Luxembourg.
The company was founded by Catherine Levanti
CT Solutions / COMBER Logistics
CT Solutions / COMBER Logistics Transportation/Logistics
Comber is a third-party logistics provider based in Dudelange, Luxembourg. They offer to B2B and B2C companies an integrated 3PL solution for warehousing, pick & pack, shipment and reverse logistics.
Chambre des Métiers Luxembourg
Chambre des Métiers Luxembourg Public Administration
Chambre Des Metiers Luxembourg regroups all the companies of the craft industry, namely those of the food sector, the fashion, health, hygiene sector, the mechanical sector, the construction sector - structural work - technical equipment, the communication sector, multimedia, art and other activities.
Cluster for Logistics
Cluster for Logistics Transportation/Logistics
Cluster for Logistics Luxembourg champions Luxembourg as a vital intercontinental logistics hub in Europe. It serves, represents, and connects the logistics community, fostering collaboration and innovation for its members.
Cléopâtre Shopping
Cléopâtre Shopping Wholesale/Retail
Cléopâtre Shopping is an online store of ready to wear for women.
Passionate about this sector of activity, Jos launched her company at the beginning of the year 2023.
Dare&Grow Other Services
We support individuals and businesses in their professional development through coaching. While your expertise is essential for success and fulfillment in your professional life, simply knowing what you are aiming for, why and how you will achieve it will help you reach your full potential.
ECO GREEN ENERGY Energy supply
Eco Green Energy is a high-tech leading French enterprise that has produced single crystal and multi-crystal solar photovoltaic modules. With a full range of photovoltaic products, they have ensured energy system solutions since 2008.
Elisabeth PONCELET
Elisabeth PONCELET Health/Social
Elisabeth Poncelet is a physiotherapist in Luxembourg. Her practice is located in Steinfort.
She practices several activities in order to accompany her patients.
Emo Skills
Emo Skills Education
Contributing to the necessary changes in our society by rediscovering values of sharing and kindness! Through our trainings and workshops, and thanks to the expertise of our team, we wish to participate in the transformation of society by promoting the development of socio-emotional and relational skills and behaviors, the "savoir-être" that contributes to positively changing the life of every human being, starting with that of our children.
Enovos Luxembourg S.A.
Enovos Luxembourg S.A. Energy supply
Enovos is the leading energy supplier in Luxembourg, operating in Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Their mission focuses on supplying electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy to a diverse customer base, including industrial firms, SMEs, and households. Additionally, they actively invest in renewable energy projects, particularly in wind and photovoltaic energy, ensuring a sustainable and competitive energy supply for all customers.