What is an ERP Solution?

What is ERP solution, How it Works And How To Choose One

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Let’s consider all of the main processes needed to run a company. There can be quite a few; accounting, HR, manufacturing, supply chain, sales, inventory and more. Many businesses may have several tools to handle each business process, and this is where ERP comes into play.

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What's an ERP solution ?

An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution is a business management tool that optimizes, automates and improves the management of these processes by integrating them into one centralized system. An ERP solution is also capable of managing all of the companies data for streamlined usage and accessibility.

Today on the market there are several different ERP solutions available. ERPs are without a doubt integral to the management of organizations, businesses and companies all over the world, of all sizes and industries. And with the latest technologies, such as IoT and AI, the ERP solutions of today have more features than ever before and are becoming increasingly sophisticated and apt to meet the demands of today's business needs.

How will an ERP solution impact your business?

Prior to deploying an ERP system, businesses come in with the same problem. they use several different programs and applications to manage their business processes and synchronizing them all can become very cumbersome. This is where ERP solutions come into play. Here are some of the positive impacts of an ERP solution.

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Focused/ Reduced Cost​

Using an ERP in a business results in more efficient cost management. Automated processes reduce expenditure on time and human resources, resulting in considerable savings. ERP solutions also offer pricing flexibility, allowing businesses to control their expenses by paying only for essential features. This cost reduction promotes increased profitability, making it a major asset for any budget-conscious business.

​ Improved Employee Productivity and Experience

With an ERP there is no longer a need to switch between different applications. By streamlining and automating your core business processes an ERP solution helps your organization get more done with fewer resources.

​Enhanced Organizational Visibility

ERP gives you complete vison and access to all the most important aspects of your organization. No more information compartmentalized and divided between different departments. With an ERP solution data from every department easily accessible allowing for deeper insights on your organizations most decision critical information.

​Pooled Business Processes For A Higher Level of Efficiency

With everything on one centralized database, your company can be more agile and efficient. The built-in Interconnecting modules of an ERP system boosts the circulation of data, and ultimately helps information easily flow between the different departments and the rest of the company. Unifying company data means being able to easily and quickly identify what you are looking for and quickly respond to new opportunities.

How To Chose An ERP Solution ?

Choosing an ERP Solution is a big decision. You want to find the ERP software that suits the needs and expectations of your company. Every company is different and has different needs, different processes and different objectives. Choosing an ERP system can be broken down into 5 critical factors.

  1. Accessing the current state of your organization
  2. Understanding the technical implications of an ERP
  3. Determining the total cost of an ERP and your budget
  4. Figuring out the desired scalability of your ERP System
  5. There are also other important points to look for when choosing an ERP such as flexibility, accessibility, function, and coverage.

Looking for an ​​ERP solution ?

Your businesses uses several different programs or applications to run its operations. Data in your business is isolated and duplicated across multiple platforms. The opening and closing needed to operate between several different platforms slows down the speed of daily activities. You’d like to have better organization, more insight and improved efficiency for your operations. If any of these statements is true for your business then you may want to look for an ERP solution.

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