Captivea is Best Starter Americas 2019 Odoo Partner

Odoo, the publisher of the Odoo software, organized for the first time "Odoo Connect", an event bringing together the entire Odoo community from North and South America

Three days of workshops, conferences, meetings to build links between the publisher and the partners present and inform the entire Odoo community of the evolutions.  They also provide an overview of the new features and a road map to the future of Odoo software.

The new features of Odoo

At this event in San Francisco, the publisher presented the audience with the newest version of the software (version 13), which is full of exceptional features,  users will most certainly quickly adopt. (These features will be available in a future article on our blog.)

Our team went on site to advantage of this opportunity,  participate in the conferences, and workshops offered by the publisher.

We were amazed by the new features in this new version of the software. Features that we will quickly offer to our customers and will also use ourselves!

Odoo's awards

Another highlight for our team during this event was the presentation of the 2019 awards to Odoo partners.

Captivea's American subsidiary has been awarded the title of "Best Starter Americas". A title that rewards the partner who had the fastest growth, at the beginning, with Odoo in 2019, in the territories of North America and South America.

About Captivea

Established in the United States since the second half of 2018 (and created in France in 2007), Captivea USA has done very well by establishing itself as one of the best Odoo partners in the United States.

In just one year, Captivea USA has set up a team of Odoo consultants in the United States (Florida & California), and has become an Odoo Gold partner.

And the future looks very positive: with new customers and a team that is constantly expanding, the progress will not stop there!

American customers are very satisfied with the work accomplished by Captivea, the experience acquired in France over many years in the implementation of business management software, allows us to offer our customers a structured and efficient project method. 

We are very proud of our teams in United States and France, who do a very good job with our customers.

Objectives for the future: Captivea plans to continue its growth in the United States and France. Our teams now has about fifty employees who have a single objective: to satisfy our customers with the integration of software that meets their needs.

Odoo Connect in San Francisco with Captivea