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2G International
2G International Wholesale/Retail
2G International is specialized in ecological, responsible and sustainable mobility. The e-Mobility solution is the logical continuation of the ambition of 2G International and its management team, which has always had as an objective to be an actor impacting on our current world, our environment but especially on the heritage that we will leave to our children.
Arduina Wholesale/Retail
Arduina, a distinguished Ardennes-based coffee brand, offers a passionate selection of coffee beans and ground coffee. Committed to global forest preservation through fair trade practices, Arduina ensures fair compensation for producers, resulting in exceptional coffee quality. Each cup of Arduina coffee, roasted in the Ardennes, contributes to nature preservation and sustainable forests.
Cléopâtre Shopping
Cléopâtre Shopping Wholesale/Retail
Cléopâtre Shopping is an online store of ready to wear for women.
Passionate about this sector of activity, Jos launched her company at the beginning of the year 2023.
FERALA Luxembourg
FERALA Luxembourg Wholesale/Retail
Ferala, a Luxembourg-based brand specializing in custom-made clothing, seamlessly blends modernity and tradition, fueled by the associates' passion for fashion and sartorial art. Committed to responsible practices and embracing the slow-fashion approach, Ferala exclusively sources fabrics from renowned Italian and English clothiers such as Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, and Ermenegildo Zegna. The brand prioritizes sustainability by crafting its garments in Europe through local artisans, ensuring top-notch quality and swift production. Situated in the heart of Luxembourg city, Ferala's boutique offers personalized tailoring services and expert stylistic advice.
Le Dressing de Marthe
Le Dressing de Marthe Wholesale/Retail
Marthe, your coach in personal and professional development, image consultant, and founder of a luxury fashion e-commerce platform, is committed to giving a second life to luxury products through authentic sales. Certified by the International Coaching Institute of Paris and Geneva, Marthe guides individuals through life transitions using the Hudson Wheel, offering tailored advice to align identity with image for smooth transformations.
Luxonat Wholesale/Retail
Luxonat is a progressive, unique, and innovative marketing agency based in Luxembourg. Their commitments: quality, reliability, and adherence to standards. They are experts in cross-media with extensive experience in list brokerage, directory and insert sales, media planning and buying, online marketing, data processing and management, lettershop, and production.
R.B.F. Workwear Diffusion
R.B.F. Workwear Diffusion Wholesale/Retail
R.B.F Workwear Diffusion is known for its professional commitment, providing high-quality products meeting safety standards. With expertise since 1998 in personal protection, the team offers prompt and quality service. Specializing in workwear, personal protective equipment, safety footwear, and more, R.B.F Workwear Diffusion embodies a dynamic team attentive to market trends. Beyond product supply, the company excels in corporate communication, offering a diverse range of promotional items and corporate gifts.
SEVREM Wholesale/Retail
Sevrem is an import-export company specialized in large household appliances, small household appliances and high-tech products.