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We are high-end cleaning and maintenance experts for private and commercial buildings. Our clientele consists of individuals and professionals in Luxembourg and neighboring regions. With 15 years of experience as a leader, we work in collaboration with renowned craftsmen and reputable professionals to ensure services of impeccable quality.
ATELIER OLEA Other Services
Our agency provides complete management of your landscaping project, from its conception to its realization. Whether you represent a company, an individual or a community, we will provide you with in-depth réflexion and personalized solutions. With 10 years of experience, we have developed a proven process that allows us to support you throughout the project while remaining your only point of contact.
AZAP - Brand your items
AZAP - Brand your items Other Services
AZAP offers a wide range of customizable business gifts and promotional items at attractive prices. Working with ethically selected partners, they provide tailored solutions, ranging from personalization to comprehensive services such as import/export and graphic design.
Ashanti's Beauty
Ashanti's Beauty Other Services
Ashanti'S is a company specialized in wellness in Luxembourg.
Susana, the director, offers home & institute treatments for Seniors & People with Reduced Mobility.
Autrement Sàrl
Autrement Sàrl Other Services
Domitille Desrousseaux (manager of Autrement SARL) is dedicated to helping adults find happiness and balance between their professional and family lives. By emphasizing self-esteem and self-awareness development, she encourages emotional management and the satisfaction of individual needs. By identifying and overcoming personal obstacles, she promotes inner harmony and authentic self-expression. Through promoting a healthy self-esteem, the approach aims to enhance family, friendship, and professional relationships, facilitating personal fulfillment and fostering sincere and compassionate communication.
BSPK Other Services
BSPK is an independent consulting firm based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and active both locally and abroad.
BSPK's mission is to serve and listen to companies wishing to develop their potential. Our mission is primarily human, resolutely strategic and pragmatically organizational.
California Tile Supply
California Tile Supply Other Services
California Tile Supply has been around for over 40 years, committed to providing exceptional tile from around the world – Porcelain, Ceramic, Stone, and Vinyl for both floors and walls. Their mission remains clear: to offer unparalleled customer service alongside their extensive selection of high-quality tiles.
Dare&Grow Other Services
We support individuals and businesses in their professional development through coaching. While your expertise is essential for success and fulfillment in your professional life, simply knowing what you are aiming for, why and how you will achieve it will help you reach your full potential.
HR professionals, employers, and accountants, rely on our comprehensive, accurate, and practical documentation covering all aspects of labor law and payroll. Our experts ensure that the content is optimally updated, providing you with reliable information for effective personnel management. Examples, tools, templates, and real-world cases support your decisions regarding employees and help you save time.
EDITIONS WEKA Other Services
Leveraging a network of experts, a nationwide presence, and a comprehensive knowledge base, WEKA facilitates the sharing of expertise, skills, and experience within the public sector. By providing a comprehensive, innovative, and interactive offering, WEKA works tirelessly to support public servants, guiding them through their projects and careers on a daily basis.
Editions T.I.
Editions T.I. Other Services
Éditions Techniques de l'Ingénieur (ETI), also known as Éditions TI, is a French publishing house specializing in information for technical and scientific professionals. Founded in 1946, ETI has been a member of the WEKA publishing group since 1995. The company is best known for its flagship publication, Techniques de l'Ingénieur, a comprehensive collection of technical and scientific databases available in both print and online formats.
FORGACOM Other Services
We empower SME leaders to fully unlock their business potential. By focusing on organization, management, and strategy, we help them refocus on the tasks where they are most effective and profitable. These are often the tasks they enjoy the most! Our consulting firm's approach is pragmatic, results-oriented, and based on our values: 3P and 3R.
HITACHI ENERGY, Intervention
HITACHI ENERGY, Intervention Other Services
ABB/Hitachi is a leader in advanced technologies serving customers in utilities, industry, transportation and infrastructure. Its Hitachi Intervention brand manages on-site interventions as an external service.
Helios Service Partners
Helios Service Partners Other Services
Helios Service Partners is a leading national provider of commercial mechanical services, specializing in multi-site client needs across 40 states (and expanding). They offer a comprehensive range of services including installations, replacements, preventative maintenance programs, and 24/7 emergency support. Helios prides itself on being a 100% self-performing provider, handling everything in-house from HVAC and plumbing to refrigeration and food & beverage equipment.
ITI Engineering
ITI Engineering Other Services
ITI Engineering, an award-winning leader in aerospace IT engineering, provides innovative solutions for global clients like Lockheed Martin and the US Department of Defense. Their team of experts offers a variety of services, including software development, data transfer systems, and technical support throughout a product's lifecycle.
Rocco’s Pack Dog Training
Rocco’s Pack Dog Training Other Services
Rocco's Dog Training provides one-on-one dog training sessions focused on positive reinforcement methods, ensuring a pain-free learning experience. Their training can take place in your home for a familiar environment or outdoors for real-life application of learned skills.
Santana Leather Care
Santana Leather Care Other Services
Santana Leather Care is a family-owned business specializing in the restoration and care of luxury leather goods. Founded by brothers Robert and Yury Santana, the company continues the legacy of their father, Arturo Santana, a renowned Peruvian leather artisan.
Something Borrowed
Something Borrowed Other Services
Something Borrowed is your one-stop shop for creating a stress-free and unforgettable event. They offer a range of services to bring your vision to life, from design and coordination to equipment rentals. Their experienced team can handle everything from seating and dining arrangements to décor, ensuring your special day runs smoothly and allows you to relax and enjoy the celebration.
SprintRay Inc
SprintRay Inc Other Services
SprintRay (founded in 2014) manufactures 3D printers specifically for dentistry. These printers are designed to be accessible, reliable, and user-friendly, allowing dentists to provide faster care and offer more treatment options. However, SprintRay's vision extends beyond dentistry. They aim to unlock the full potential of desktop 3D printing and transform entire industries.
WAVE Other Services
Located in Concord, North Carolina, WAVE LLC is a full-service creative firm specializing in design, engineering, acoustics, and technical services. They operate nationwide and internationally, helping clients bring their visions to life through unique and unforgettable audio, video, and lighting experiences. WAVE is constantly innovating and expanding its offerings to deliver the absolute best in these areas.