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Brasserie D´BRAUSTUFF Food/Hospitality
The Brasserie D'Braustuff located in the heart of Bascharage, invites you to discover typical Luxembourgish dishes in a unique setting.
Taste the different beers produced by the National Brewery.
Possibility to privatize one of the floors of the restaurant for your birthdays, business lunches etc.
Maison Chaperon
Maison Chaperon Food/Hospitality
Maison Chaperon is a fine wine merchant that specializes in sourcing exceptional wines from renowned wineries around the world. Founded by Quentin Chaperon, a seasoned wine expert with over 20 years of experience, Maison Chaperon is committed to providing its discerning clientele with access to the finest wines, ensuring authenticity and traceability throughout the entire process.
NAVITOURS Food/Hospitality
Professional navigators for unforgettable adventures and events characterize Navitours on the Moselle. With a commitment to excellence, Navitours ensures every aspect of your stay is memorable. From the hostess, service staff, and cook to the animation manager and captain, the team accompanies guests with friendliness and expertise. More than 30 years of success stand as a testament to Navitours' dedication to creating exceptional experiences.
This Swedish filtration system purifies your tap water, removing any off-flavors and ensuring a pure, neutral taste that lets food and beverages shine. No more bottled water waste! Nordaq eliminates transportation, logistics, and plastic pollution associated with bottled water. It's a sustainable and cost-effective solution for businesses seeking a premium water experience. Trusted by high-end hotels and restaurants in 55 countries, Nordaq's patented technology is a leading brand for those seeking a complete, high-quality water solution.
PORTA NOVA Food/Hospitality
When one visits Porta Nova, the Italian restaurant located in the center of Limpertsberg, they are greeted by the enchanting aroma of carefully selected spices from Italian cuisine. The owner, Adriano Presti, and the team warmly welcome guests with the aromatic delights of Italian cuisine that captivate the senses.
Hailing from a family of esteemed restaurateurs, the team curates an exceptional blend of styles, seamlessly marrying beloved classics with contemporary dishes. This fusion encapsulates the essence of Italian passion, manifested in typical Mediterranean fare, seemingly carrying the very soul of the country.
Qiwi SARL Food/Hospitality
Qiwi is a Luxembourg-based company specializing in restaurant and café equipment.
Riviera Hospitality Group
Riviera Hospitality Group Food/Hospitality
Our vision is to feed individuals the right way. It is that simple. We provide single serve meals that are nutritious and tasty, produced with the freshest ingredients in the safest way possible. Consumer expectations surrounding meal solutions have evolved in recent years. Riviera has been at the forefront of these trends since our inception which makes us the best value in meal solutions. Our biggest difference is that we are real – and purposeful – resulting in increased guest satisfaction and lower costs for our clients.
SAS Les Vignobles Villebois
SAS Les Vignobles Villebois Food/Hospitality
Passionate about great Sauvignon Blancs, Joost de Villebois and his wife Miguela have been running Domaine Villebois for 15 years in the village of Seigy en Touraine. Fascinated by the complexity and power of Sauvignon Blanc grape expression, they now produce a range of 13 Sauvignon Blancs from terroirs from 6 Loire appellations. The range is presented as a discovery of the Loire vineyards, starting with regional appellations and ending with Sancerre's Sélections Parcellaires. Over time, Joost and Miguela have become the 'Loire Sauvignon Blanc Specialists'!
Zina's Salads
Zina's Salads Food/Hospitality
Founded in 1983 by chef Zina Shaknovich, Zina's Salads brings healthy, globally-inspired flavors to American tables. Zina, a passionate traveler, curates delicious and unique salad recipes, ensuring an unforgettable taste experience. Joined by business partner Ruth Sigman, they've expanded from their signature salads to offer over 50 menu items, all maintaining Zina's commitment to quality and taste. Today, Zina's Salads are a fixture in the Northeast's ready-made salad market, available in major supermarkets, gourmet stores, and restaurants nationwide.