BSPK is an independent consulting firm based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and active both locally and abroad.
BSPK's mission is to serve and listen to companies wishing to develop their potential. Our mission is primarily human, resolutely strategic and pragmatically organizational.
BSPK's mission:
- To identify the vectors of progress in adequacy with the objectives of the company,
- To develop a strategic management adapted to the challenges of the company,
- Make managers available for their core business,
- Have the right skills in the right positions,
- Harmonize best practices,
- Taking care of internal/external communication,
- Balancing the company's value chain,
- Giving meaning to performance.


The customer has many activities and maintains a close relationship with its various contacts.

In order to centralize information and implement automation, the client turned to the Odoo solution to manage its business.


The first step of this project is to perform a complete analysis of the client's Odoo environment.

This analysis has several objectives :

  • To be reassured on the faisability

  • Show that we understood their business

  • To confirm a budget

  • To know and confirm how we will do it

  • Know the timeline

This analysis proceeds as follows:

  1. Business discovery

  2. Workshops By theme / group of people / domains

  3. Create the deliverables documents

  4. Present it

  5. Handle feedback

Here is the list of modules to meet the client's needs: 


Time saving

  • Automatic biling
  • Creation of a quote in a few clicks
  • Customization of Odoo screens
  • Centralization of information

Productivity gain

  • Optimization of purchasing management
  • Optimization of inventory management
  • Planning of tour plans for installers
  • Management of the maintenance of the machine park

Increase in sales

  • Automation of the company's processes
  • Better visibility of employee timesheets and automatic invoice generation 
  • Improved communication with suppliers & customers