Odoo in 2024, an enhanced version for your business

Odoo, a powerful ERP system, has recently experienced an upgrade and now offers new features aimed at increasing the productivity of businesses by simplifying their operations. With Odoo v17, we continue to evolve to address the evolving needs of enterprises.

Optimize your workflows with the new Odoo v17 integrations

The transition to Odoo 17 introduces new integrations on the platform, accelerating work processes and facilitating communication within companies.

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Whatsapp feature in Odoo 17

With the integration of WhatsApp in Odoo 17, communication with clients becomes seamless. It will streamline your exchanges and optimize the management of transactions by sending necessary information directly through this platform. 

Direct exchanges

In Odoo 17, WhatsApp integration facilitates direct communication with clients, providing simultaneous and simplified direct exchanges, streamlining the process.

Simplified transaction management

Utilize WhatsApp to streamline transaction management. This platform enables you to swiftly send order details, invoices, and payment links for a seamless transactional experience.


The integration of ChatGPT

The latest update of Odoo 17 also includes the integration of ChatGPT, a highly valued artificial intelligence. This collaboration opens up new possibilities for users, especially in text generation for various applications.

Creative formulations for marketing campaigns

You can easily reach a broader and more diverse audience, thanks to ChatGPT's ability to quickly generate multiple versions of advertising messages, simplifying your A/B testing process.

Seamless content creation

ChatGPT can assist you in generating variations of text, providing multiple options to enrich and diversify your content.

Creating compelling email templates

This features enhances the efficiency of communication with clients and partners.


Direct communication with voice messages

The recent release of Odoo v17 introduces a new feature: the integration of voice messages. This functionality aims to simplify team communication by allowing you to dictate complex topics instead of manually typing them. This promotes efficient collaboration among users, with benefits such as the rapid transmission of information.

Furthermore, the integration of voice messages enhances the accuracy of communications by avoiding common typing errors. Indeed, this innovation contributes to reducing language barriers, providing a more accessible communication method, and fostering mutual understanding between clients and partners.


Enhanced interface of this update

The release of Odoo v17 stands out with its new elegant and intuitive interface, enhancing the user experience both visually and in terms of performance. This update introduces advanced search functions and additional shortcuts for faster navigation.

You also have the option to customize your interface by adjusting the placement of applications on your home screen. This way, your business can benefit from a powerful tool that positively influences your productivity.

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Customize your search on Odoo v17

Unlike the previous version, Odoo 17 allows you to customize your searches. Now, you'll find all filtering options in a single panel in the search bar, and you can personalize your filter to set your own search rules and save them for more precise searches.

This enhancement enables Odoo to quickly process all sorting commands without the need to navigate between different menus.


Improved personnel management with the HR module

New features have been enhanced in the Human Resources (HR) module of Odoo 17, enabling more efficient personnel management.

In this latest update, we first notice the innovation brought by attendance management. This option maximizes the company's productivity by facilitating time tracking and leave management.

Additionally, there is the introduction of a new hierarchical view, providing all employees with the ability to observe the hierarchical structure and relationships within the company.

Odoo v17 for restaurants

Odoo 17 introduces a significant advancement for restaurant owners with the updated Point of Sale (POS) module, now specifically tailored for restaurants.

Customers now have the option to reserve a table online and place their orders directly through the platform. The new functionality integrated into the Point of Sale (POS) system allows you to efficiently manage reservations within the dedicated application. For your customers, they can track their orders using a unique assigned number.

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