ChatGPT and WhatsApp will smoothly connect to Odoo in 2024

Explore how these new features can enhance your user experience on Odoo 17.

The Odoo 17 update introduces additional integrations, thereby simplifying user processes. These additions aim to make platform usage simpler and more efficient, optimizing daily interactions.

ChatGPT, artificial intelligence at your service

Create smoother content

With the integration of ChatGPT in Odoo 17, a widely used artificial intelligence, content creation becomes easy. This new feature significantly simplifies the content creation process.

With a few clicks, you can create different texts to improve your communication without spending time on sentence structure. This method makes it easier for everyone to create content by improving its flow and accessibility.


Craft engaging email templates

ChatGPT also simplifies email writing in Odoo v17. This AI helps you talk to clients and partners by giving you different email templates to use.

In just a few simple steps, you can quickly draft compelling messages. This AI simultaneously optimizes your email communication by offering intelligent suggestions.

Formulate creative marketing campaigns

ChatGPT and Odoo 17 working together will improve your marketing campaigns with creative ideas generated by AI.

You can reach more people by creating different ads quickly and testing them to see which ones work best.


WhatsApp feature in Odoo 17

Communicate effortlessly with your clients

The integration of WhatsApp in Odoo v17 enhances communication with clients and partners by ensuring direct, smooth, and transparent interaction, thereby improving the efficiency of exchanges.

This feature allows your business to communicate with customers easily. You can send order confirmations, shipping details, invoices, and payment links through WhatsApp.

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Direct communication with voice messages

Benefit from improved communication among colleagues

The integration of voice messages introduces another means of communication to facilitate internal discussions among colleagues.

Voice messages allow you to emphasize the key points of your communication with your colleagues. You will also be able to download the sent voice messages.


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Optimize your business operations with Odoo in 2024
These innovations enhance your user experience and streamline your sales operations while helping you stand out from your competitors. Let's explore them!