Effectively Manage Your Human Resources with odoo in 2024

The enhancements made to the Human Resources module in the latest version of Odoo 17 provide more efficient human resource management, offering flexible and intuitive updates for an improved user experience and optimized module functionalities.

Enjoy the Complete Redesign of the Attendance Application

The Attendance application has been overhauled for a more user-friendly experience, aligning with the upcoming new European regulations effective from July 1, 2024. The comprehensive redesign includes the addition and integration of geolocation, public kiosk mode, and Gantt view.

A notable addition is a new button allowing employees to clock in from anywhere, enhancing the management of recorded attendance. These additions align the Attendance application with international human resource management standards.

Better Overview in the Employees Application

In addition to new features, improvements have been made to the Employees application, providing users with a better overview for more effective personnel management.

Freely Visualize the Organizational Chart 

The organizational chart within your Odoo provides a hierarchical structure view accessible to all employees and departments. This allows you to define the organizational chart for each department or service within your company.

Leverage Graphical and Pivot Table Views for HR Data Analysis

The HR modules of Odoo now benefit from "graphical" and "pivot table" views. The addition of these views enhances data analysis capabilities and reporting.


Efficiently Manage Remote Employees

The telecommuting module ensures efficiency in managing employees working remotely, respecting autonomy and flexibility. You can define the workplace and availability hours, viewable in the Calendar application or the Employees main menu.

Generate CVs More Quickly

A new feature in the Employees application is the generation of PDF-format CVs using information from the employee's profile. Creating a CV is now quicker and more straightforward.

Increased Accessibility in Recruitment

Simplify appointment scheduling and quickly contact through SMS

Simplify appointment scheduling and quick contact through SMS with the new features related to the Appointment application. This functionality allows you to schedule meetings with candidates and view them on the candidate's profile. From the candidate list view, you can send SMS to multiple candidates.

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Optimize Leave Management with Odoo 17's New Features

Ability to Exceed Leave Balance

A significant change is the ability for users to exceed their allocated free time balance or even have a negative balance compared to earned leaves. This enhancement allows for better leave or vacation planning within the application.

Manage Part-Time Employee Leaves for France

It is now possible to manage leave requests for part-time employees according to specific French legislations.


Receive Deletion Notifications and Add Multiple Leave Approvers

You will be notified of the deletion of a previously approved leave. It is also possible to add multiple leave approvers based on the type of leave.

Visualize Part-Time Hours and Calculate Hourly Cumulation

From the Calendar, you can display part-time working hours. This new view offers the ability to calculate hourly cumulation based on each hour worked.

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