Simplified Project Management with Odoo in 2024

Odoo 17 offers additional and advantageous features such as task creation, resource allocation, deadline setting, and active tracking of project progress and profitability.

Currently appreciated by numerous companies, the Odoo ERP undergoes an upgrade with the launch of its version 17. This platform already included comprehensive project management functionality, enabling businesses to better plan and efficiently manage their projects.

Project Design Focused on Customization

Generate a project from a customer order

It is now more convenient to create a project from a customer order. This process can be done manually based on relevant orders and needs with Odoo v17.

Create customer orders from projects

Conversely, the ERP allows you to create customer orders on the fly based on your projects and tasks. You'll save time by carefully choosing your configurations.

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Optimized Project Planning and Management

Schedule tasks without assigned time

Odoo 17 introduces a project-focused feature, benefiting your business by simplifying task management and project tracking without allocated time. Indeed, you can plan various tasks in batches without assigning a specific duration. This capability, offered through the Gantt view, ensures sequential planning.

Enjoy additional task statuses

Odoo v17 aims to enhance the management of each task's progress. You can freely modify the status of created tasks, marking them as "done," "in progress," or "canceled." Furthermore, configuring statuses allows the addition of options such as "change requested" or "approved" upon process completion.


Generate new tasks upon completion for recurring tasks

You can get ahead in scheduling all your repetitive tasks. A new task will automatically be created after the previous one is marked as "completed." This significant time-saving allows you to focus on other tasks related to managing your business.

Accurately assess your profitability

Odoo v17 is a powerful system for delineating profitability for each project. With the inclusion of down payments in new options, you can accurately assess the actual profitability of all your projects.

Optimize the processing of your sub-tasks 

The ERP offers the ability to receive dependency alerts on Kanban cards. This notification is beneficial for improving the management of your company's sub-tasks. You can visually see your sub-tasks on a task's Kanban card, making it easy to check if they are blocked by another task. This feature enhances the visual presentation and understanding of potential task and sub-task interdependencies in a ERP.


Simplified Accessibility

Make your project accessible to a wider audience

Accessibility issues are a priority in multi-company environments. Odoo v17 introduces an innovative feature that allows you to share access to your projects and tasks. This access extends not only to your company's collaborators but also to all your partner companies.

Configure your tasks with new shortcuts

With the integration of task configuration shortcuts, you can save time when creating new tasks. You'll be able to generate them in the Kanban view without having to open the form view. These text shortcuts make task access easy and enable instant configuration. You can allocate hours, assign users, set labels, and establish high priorities based on your needs.


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