Discover the dedicated sale solution for your restaurant  with Odoo in 2024

As discussed in the previous article, the Restaurant Point of Sale application has recently been integrated into the POS module of Odoo 17.Specifically designed for shops, restaurants, hotels, bars, and various other similar establishments, it provides benefits tailored to each sector.

Enhance the management of your restaurant with Odoo 17

Organize the management of your establishment effectively

This feature enables you to display and organize the layout of your venue, including the seating arrangement of tables for restaurants or bars. Once the tables are arranged, customers can search for and book their tables online.

Display the real-time status of order preparation

This new feature allows real-time display of step-by-step preparation of orders, providing a Kitchen Display view. This view can show all items to be prepared by product and category, along with the preparation stages. Users can also customize the preparation time

For enhanced communication and collaboration between front-of-house and kitchen teams, the integration of the printer tool is a significant asset, enabling teams to print orders for an improved workflow. 

Customize the interface of your menu

Odoo v17 introduces self-service kiosks, enabling restaurant owners to showcase their products on a customizable interface that aligns with the brand image. Customers can independently select and place their orders more efficiently, with the option to make payments directly from the kiosk.

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Elevate service quality with the new features

Accept gratuities

It is now possible to configure the tipping feature for shops, bars, or restaurants in Odoo 17's Point of Sale, as leaving tips is a customary and appreciated practice in many countries.

Anticipate customers bills

In restaurants and bars, the usual practice is to request the bill before settling or splitting it.

With Odoo 17's Point of Sale, different departments will now have the ability to perform these tasks separately. There will also be an option to split the bill based on individual orders.


explore more odoo 17 new features

A new innovative feature in POS is the ability to offer bundled products, meaning grouping complementary or even related items to sell them at a combo price. This new feature allows the seller to provide a broader range of product options to customers.

If you looking to discover more about how to create bundle products to increase sales , don't hesitate to contact us!

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Odoo in 2024, an enhanced version for your business
Odoo, a powerful ERP system, has recently experienced an upgrade and now offers new features aimed at increasing the productivity of businesses by simplifying their operations. With Odoo v17, we continue to evolve to address the evolving needs of enterprises.