CRM: Achieve 360° Customer Vision With Odoo

True digital transformation leaders, ERP and CRM are often exposed as completely different solutions that have no real interconnective capabilities. Yet, as we demonstrated in our article ("5 good reasons to connect your CRM to your ERP"), good interoperability of these two solutions is an excellent performance indicator of an organization's digitization progress.
You may ask how does one achieve this? The simplest solution could be to use a CRM integrated ERP. And you’re in luck. The Odoo ERP also offers a very complete CRM app. Here is an overview of some of its functionalities.

Odoo: Built With The CRM That Does It All

When companies are sourcing solutions to drive their sales force, focus usually falls on the big names in CRM such as SalesForce. However, using a big name CRM does not necessarily guarantee success. Do you really need all the features of SalesForce to drive your SME?

To manage the customer relationship of SMBs, our preference - you guessed it - goes to Odoo and its complete and easy to use CRM application.

Fully integrated with the rest of the software’s ERP, The Odoo CRM module enables the transversality of sales operations and customer management within the company's processes. 

There are several benefits to this: 

- Anticipate orders and adjust production to accommodate any surplus of activity.
- Using centralized databases to unify the data between sales and other departments. 

There is nothing worse than a salesperson leaving a company and taking their prospect base with them. With Odoo, you keep control of all of your contacts and promote your desired movement of data within your organization.

In addition to traditional CRM features, Odoo offers totally intuitive navigation for maximum visibility on all the tasks to be completed by the sales team. In addition, the creation of sales scripts makes it possible to set up your sales team for success. Odoo allows you to create orders for lead follow-ups, making contacts, tracking website clicks, scheduling reminders and demonstrations...etc. Odoo puts you in total control of essential sales actions.
Odoo: Built With The CRM That Does It All
integration with Odoo CRM is as easy as putting together Legos

Full Integration With all Odoo Apps Greater Agility

At the moment, you may only need a CRM. And when the time comes, you will probably naturally seek out a dedicated sales solution to manage your sales. However, the needs of fast-growing SMEs are inevitably expanding to the point where a CRM is no longer enough to properly manage their business. And generally, they then have to move quickly to meet with the demands associated with the company's rise in activity. 

Odoo CRM can then be integrated with other ERP functionalities, as easily as putting together Legos 

- Invoicing And Accounting

Once you've "closed" a sale, Odoo's billing module takes over! Edit invoices based on the sales team’s previously established quotes. In addition payment, follow-up is clearly displayed in the ERP and you can also accept online payments (PayPal, Stripe, Ingenico...).

Electronic Signature

No need to print in order to sign documents! Odoo Sign is a secure electronic signature module that allows you to quickly create custom signature blocks at the bottom of documents, encrypt your documents so that they are accessible only to authorized persons and protect the content of contracts and, or invoices by customizing a documents’ access rights in one click (i.e read-only or sign and fill).


Odoo's CRM module is only one part of Odoo’s dedication to helping your company excel. To discover Odoo's numerous customer relationship management features and figure out which ones you would like to test, contact us today!
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