Discover the 5 essential features of Odoo for successful project management

Explore how this ERP system enhances your project supervision with its features!

Odoo simplifies project management through an intuitive interface and customizable tools. From task coordination to automation and centralized communication, Odoo ERP offers a comprehensive solution to refine productivity and collaboration within your team.

What is project management and why use dedicated software?

Project management tools help with planning, organizing, and tracking project tasks and resources by using specialized software.  These tools help with managing tasks, tracking time, collaborating with teams, and organizing resources. They can create Gantt or Kanban charts to show progress clearly.

They are also useful for organizing sprints and supporting Agile projects, allowing effective tracking and automation of certain processes for better team collaboration.

Among the examples of reputable software dedicated to project management are ASANA, TRELLO, and BASECAMP, widely used for their efficiency in planning, collaboration, and project tracking. These software tools are very effective but can represent a significant cost for businesses.

Enter Odoo! Odoo has its own project management module, directly included in your ERP and in your standard monthly subscription, with all the features necessary for the success of your projects! Additionally, this project management solution can be integrated with other modules available in your Odoo such as CRM and accounting!


Who can use the Odoo Project module?

The Odoo project management module represents a versatile and adaptable solution, designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in various sectors. By providing advanced planning, tracking, and collaboration features, it enables businesses to effectively manage their projects, regardless of size or industry. Odoo Project facilitates coordination of your teams, optimization of your resources, and adherence to deadlines and budgets.

This project management tool can be used in different types of businesses, such as:

  • The architecture sector: Design and monitoring of residential or commercial building construction, including subcontractor and deadline management.
  • Marketing and event agencies: plan and execute big advertising campaigns or events, overseeing all stages from creation to completion.
  • Software development companies: Development of new applications or updates to existing software, involving coordination of developer, tester, and designer teams.
  • Software integrators: Integration projects of complex computer systems for clients, requiring precise management of requirements and deadlines.
  • Medical and scientific sector companies: research and develop new medical treatments and equipment, coordinating clinical trials and following regulations.
  • Innovative companies: Launch of high-tech products or innovative services, including prototyping, funding, and market launch stages.
  • Companies use project management for digital transformation projects to improve efficiency by implementing new technologies in their business processes.

These examples show how project management software can add value in different situations by organizing, monitoring, and finishing complex projects successfully.

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Streamlined project coordination Made easier by Odoo's intuitive interface

This integrated management software offers an intuitive user interface for effective project management. You can easily monitor your project deadlines, track progress on various tasks assigned to your collaborators, and the order of tasks to be performed with different project views such as:

  • Calendar view: provides a visual representation of tasks and events scheduled in a calendar, facilitating time and resource management. It allows clear visualization of deadlines, working periods, and scheduled meetings, facilitating team coordination and meeting deadlines.
  • Kanban view: allows managing tasks as movable cards between different stages, offering a clear visualization of their progress and facilitating flexible resource and priority management.
  • Gantt view: displays a project's tasks in a chronological diagram, allowing visualization of dependencies, durations, and dates, for effective project planning.
  • List view displays tasks and activities as a list, with detailed information such as deadlines, responsible parties, and statuses. This allows effective task management by providing an organized, easy-to-scan view, facilitating team coordination and progress tracking.

These interfaces facilitate the coordination of your projects, allowing you to maximize your productivity and efficiency. Whether you have extensive experience in project management or are new to the field, Odoo ERP is designed so that everyone can use and understand it easily.


Customizable project management tools in Odoo

Customizable project management means are offered by Odoo to meet the specific requirements of each project. You benefit from great flexibility to organize and track your projects effectively, with the ability to define:

  • Project stages: Captivea helps with ERP integration projects. The stages of the project include needs analyzing, specification validation, design, implementation, customization, testing, deployment, and maintenance monitoring. These stages are all focused on ensuring the ERP software functions properly.
  • Custom fields dedicated to each project or task typology: in Odoo, custom fields can be tailored for each project or task. This facilitates the organization of information and simplifies specific project tracking and management. For example, for an event project, fields can include type, location, number of guests, budget, dates, etc.
  • Priorities and dependencies: task priority in a project concerns their importance and urgency. Priority tasks should be completed first due to their impact on the project or other dependencies. These relationships between tasks describe the links where one task may require the completion of another to start, with different start or end conditions.
  • Labels and Color Codes: With Odoo, you can assign different labels or colors to tasks and projects for better visualization of general information in views such as Kanban, Gantt, etc. This feature allows visually organizing tasks and projects based on specific criteria, facilitating understanding and data management in different contexts.

This ERP recognizes the diversity of each project by offering a complete range of customizable tools that fit your workflow, regardless of the project type.

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Automation of your actions in project administration with Odoo

This management system facilitates the automation of administrative actions, reducing manual tasks and improving your team's performance. You save time by scheduling automatic actions in response to various events, thus adapting your workflow to the specific needs of your project. Simplify your operations and ensure the success of your projects with this reliable automation.

With this management software, you can automate tasks in response to your different actions at predefined intervals, such as creating or updating records, assigning tasks, and sending emails or SMS.

Moreover, you can systematize repetitive tasks based on user actions or predefined parameters. You will be able to keep your project on track, reducing human risks, and promoting your team's efficiency.

Convenient access to your projects through the Odoo mobile application

Odoo's mobile application facilitates tracking of projects and tasks on the go, ensuring constant connectivity and allowing you to remain productive. It offers the flexibility to track your project progress, assign tasks, and collaborate with the team from any mobile device.

You will have the opportunity to stay connected to projects wherever you are, offering more agile and efficient daily management.


Improved project supervision through centralized communication

Odoo is a software that helps manage projects by providing centralized communication and exchange functions. It tracks all actions related to your project.

  • Discussions/chats
  • Calls
  • Emails
  • Meetings
  • Reminders
  • Work Notes

This function facilitates communication among your team members, thereby improving overall project management. By gathering all interactions related to the project, Odoo simplifies collaboration, making it easy to track conversations, share important information, and make better decisions. Your team will benefit from transparency and good cohesion.

In conclusion

Odoo is a major asset for project management. With an intuitive interface and advanced features, it facilitates task coordination, automation of actions, and centralized communication. This comprehensive solution adapts to a multitude of industries, offering the opportunity to enhance productivity and collaboration within teams.

Whether it's software development companies, marketing agencies, or any other field, Odoo stands out for its flexibility. From planning to execution, Odoo ensures project success by enabling effective management, intelligent automation, and smooth communication at all levels.

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