Odoo Project Management: Agility and Productivity

The project management challenge of finding the right balance between freedom and structure has always been a tricky issue for businesses. Too much flexibility can often lead to total disorganization. But, making processes more rigid to obtain a clearer vision of project stages can make internal organization more cumbersome and discourage project members. So, is it better to create your own project management tools in an Excel spreadsheet or trust the market-leading Task Management Software (TMS)? The ideal would be an intermediate solution that would allow you to add structure to your business and benefit without sacrificing agility and the uniqueness of your existing processes...What if such software existed?

The winning balance between organization and agility

Project management is an essential component of any company's structure. Without it, there’s no collaboration, no constructive brainstorming, no action plans...Nothing. At first, managing a project may seem simple: it's just a sequence of steps and tasks to be carried out in order to successfully complete a project. However, when you take on the role of project manager,you quickly realize that effective management is more complex than it seems.There are several challenges that may arise; time zone differences, conflicting agendas, tools that inhibit effective collaboration or even the constant backtracking that is common in the early stages of a project’s life cycle.

Some chose to not use any software and instead utilize Excel spreadsheets to track progress and divide up tasks. Others rely on the functional coverage of the company intranet. Collaborators can use instant messaging services such as Slack or internal social networks such as Yammer that offer group creation features. But once you reach a certain size or number of projects, these methods quickly become unmanageable, at which point it becomes necessary to equip oneself with dedicated TMS software. This makes it possible to iron out certain workflows, simplify and even automate certain tasks. Simply put, it is a way of structuring project management so that everyone can easily find their way around. However, be careful not to compartmentalize and standardize everything, overdo it and you run the risk of completely losing your ability to adapt and evolve.

Implementing good practices for increased productivity 

There are dozens of TMS softwares on the market: Trello, Taskworld, Asana, Monday... Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages but lack of flexibility continues to be the most often cited shortcoming. Often times, deploying a task management solution requires a company to comply with its operating mode. This can result in a significant loss of agility. This lack of customization can then become an administrative burden and push employees to revert to their old methods. And let's be clear; this is far from an ideal situation.

But how do you find management software that adapts perfectly to your structure and allows you to implement good practices? Well, let's take a look at Odoo... Odoo creators have built agility into Odoo’s DNA. Odoo’s ERP suite is reminiscent of building blocks allowing companies to digitalize on a needs basis and add pieces as they grow. Each of its modules, including the project management module, is also very adaptable. Thanks to Odoo,you will be able to take advantage of all the key functions of a successful project management software (Kanban, Gantt, shared calendars, deadline management, implementation of indicators...) without losing hold of your organization's specific processes. Another significant advantage of Odoo? Interconnection.

Create an interconnected digital ecosystem

By choosing Odoo for project management, you are overcoming a huge obstacle: the bridging of your task management software and the rest of your ecosystem. Deciding to integrate a standalone software solution would require a lot of programming to connect it to an ERP, CRM or PLM (Product Lifestyle Management) software. You’d have to manually import/export each file or perform numerous re-entries. In this case, the risks of IT guidance may reappear and users will quickly let go of these painstaking processes to simplify their lives.

The advantage with Odoo is that you can create a Digital Workplace, effortlessly: Connect production with project management, accounting, HR, event management, etc. Odoo has a vastly diverse module suite that offers endless possibilities.

The Odoo advantage for project management

One of Odoo's big pluses for project management we've talked about it all throughout this post, is its ultra-customization. For example, you can customize the kanban mode and group tasks by step, person in charge, deadline and so on. You can also change the titles of each section and create specific steps for each project. Odoo also has in-depth analytic capabilities, so that you can closely monitor the profitability and performance of each project.

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