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API TECH IT/Communication
Since 2004, API TECH is specialized in automation, electricity and industrial computing.
Food vending machines, Smart Pizza and Smart Baguette are acclaimed by professional bakers and pizza makers. Entirely designed and developed in-house, the Smart machines range will soon welcome new evolutions for the distribution of other food products.
European Data Hub
European Data Hub IT/Communication
The European Data Hub (EDH) facilitates secure data exchange among members of the European Union, fostering cross-border collaboration in areas such as healthcare and energy. This platform aims to stimulate innovation, research, and economic growth while adhering to privacy and security standards.
KIN KAWA Solutions
KIN KAWA Solutions IT/Communication
An one-stop-shop for business development, project management, digital transformation, and business automation services.
Her team of experts has extensive experience working with businesses across a wide range of industries, helping them achieve their goals and grow their bottom line. From startups to large corporations, we have the skills and knowledge to deliver customized solutions that meet your unique needs.
L'Agence Événementielle
L'Agence Événementielle IT/Communication
L'Agence Événementielle is an agency from Metz specialized in event communication, 360° communication and shopping center animation as well as in technical support. We are able to offer you services and products adapted to your needs, your desires and your objectives.
LU-CIX Management G.I.E.
LU-CIX Management G.I.E. IT/Communication
Established in 2009, the Luxembourg Internet Exchange, also known as LU-CIX, stems from a collaborative initiative among key national and international players in the internet industry. It serves as the national internet exchange point that interconnects critical networks and hosts international content providers in a secure and trusted environment at the heart of Europe.
MP44 IT/Communication
MP44 is an innovative, interactive kiosk with STORE44, a business application store, integrated to meet the needs of companies. STORE44 application store is adapted to the kiosk format, has been designed to meet the needs of companies, simplifying and centralizing access to the business applications and software they use on a daily basis.
Numéro 15
Numéro 15 IT/Communication
Numéro 15 is a digital marketing and audiovisual production agency founded by Valentine TSCHAEN-BLAISE, combining 10 years of TV journalism experience with digital marketing expertise. The agency specializes in crafting global marketing strategies, supporting businesses, brands, and individuals in enhancing their image and increasing visibility. With a human-scale approach, Numéro 15 stands out for its creativity, freedom, and personalized touch, earning the trust of high-profile sports figures, small to medium-sized enterprises, and leisure specialists.