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ADK Legaltech Solutions
ADK Legaltech Solutions IT/Communication
LEXNOW is a unique platform that combines tax law, employment law, corporate and financial law, IP/IT, civil law, investment fund law, GRJL and real estate law.
API TECH IT/Communication
Since 2004, API TECH is specialized in automation, electricity and industrial computing.
Food vending machines, Smart Pizza and Smart Baguette are acclaimed by professional bakers and pizza makers. Entirely designed and developed in-house, the Smart machines range will soon welcome new evolutions for the distribution of other food products.
AV Tech/Abvent
AV Tech/Abvent IT/Communication
Founded in 1985 by French architects, Abvent has become a global leader in technology and services for architecture and construction. Headquartered in Paris, the company operates internationally by offering cutting-edge software solutions such as ARCHICAD, Rhino 3D and BIMoffice, which have become references in the field of imaging and BIM.
Apium, Inc.
Apium, Inc. IT/Communication
We're a swarm robotics company revolutionizing system control. Our hardware-software solutions unlock swarming, enabling collaboration for autonomous vehicles, logistics, and more. We ensure safety, security, and efficiency in the future of automation.
European Data Hub
European Data Hub IT/Communication
The European Data Hub (EDH) facilitates secure data exchange among members of the European Union, fostering cross-border collaboration in areas such as healthcare and energy. This platform aims to stimulate innovation, research, and economic growth while adhering to privacy and security standards.
F3C Systems
F3C Systems IT/Communication
Human-centered IT solutions for your business! We offer a complete range of services, from IT infrastructure projects and management to Office 365 migration and network renovation. We prioritize understanding your unique needs and tailoring solutions to fit them, building trust and exceeding expectations through exceptional customer service.
Federal Radio
Federal Radio IT/Communication
Federal Radio understands the critical role of dependable radio communication in emergencies. Disasters like storms and earthquakes underscore the importance of functional radio systems for coordinating emergency responses. Following FEMA and Department of Homeland Security guidelines, we advocate for two-way radios as the most effective form of emergency communication.
GTEC IT/Communication
Gtec is a leading IT marketing agency dedicated to empowering software publishers, integrators, and IT consulting firms across the entire marketing spectrum. We provide comprehensive solutions to help you achieve your business goals and elevate your brand in the dynamic IT landscape.
GreyscaleAI IT/Communication
Greyscale AI leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to design and manufacture cutting-edge inspection systems. These systems go beyond traditional methods, offering unmatched accuracy and efficiency in detecting defects and ensuring product quality.
KIN KAWA Solutions
KIN KAWA Solutions IT/Communication
An one-stop-shop for business development, project management, digital transformation, and business automation services.
Her team of experts has extensive experience working with businesses across a wide range of industries, helping them achieve their goals and grow their bottom line. From startups to large corporations, we have the skills and knowledge to deliver customized solutions that meet your unique needs.
L'Agence Événementielle
L'Agence Événementielle IT/Communication
L'Agence Événementielle is an agency from Metz specialized in event communication, 360° communication and shopping center animation as well as in technical support. We are able to offer you services and products adapted to your needs, your desires and your objectives.
LU-CIX Management G.I.E.
LU-CIX Management G.I.E. IT/Communication
Established in 2009, the Luxembourg Internet Exchange, also known as LU-CIX, stems from a collaborative initiative among key national and international players in the internet industry. It serves as the national internet exchange point that interconnects critical networks and hosts international content providers in a secure and trusted environment at the heart of Europe.
LiquidStack IT/Communication
LiquidStack isn't just any liquid cooling company – they're the world's most admired in the field, serving hyperscale, edge, and high-performance computing needs. Pioneering two-phase immersion cooling and recognized with multiple awards for efficiency, they deliver the industry's best liquid-cooled data center solutions.
MP44 IT/Communication
MP44 is an innovative, interactive kiosk with STORE44, a business application store, integrated to meet the needs of companies. STORE44 application store is adapted to the kiosk format, has been designed to meet the needs of companies, simplifying and centralizing access to the business applications and software they use on a daily basis.
Numéro 15
Numéro 15 IT/Communication
Numéro 15 is a digital marketing and audiovisual production agency founded by Valentine TSCHAEN-BLAISE, combining 10 years of TV journalism experience with digital marketing expertise. The agency specializes in crafting global marketing strategies, supporting businesses, brands, and individuals in enhancing their image and increasing visibility. With a human-scale approach, Numéro 15 stands out for its creativity, freedom, and personalized touch, earning the trust of high-profile sports figures, small to medium-sized enterprises, and leisure specialists.
SYSTHEN IT/Communication
With 26 years of experience, Systhen guides businesses and public organizations through their document management transformations. Their close relationships with industry technology leaders and a strong regional presence enable them to cater precisely to the needs of businesses.
WELLCOM IT/Communication
Established in Paris in 1981, Wellcom is now among the leading independent communications agencies on the French market. Public relations, content, brand management, and digital: to meet increasingly complex challenges, the hybridization of our four areas of expertise, combined with an in-depth knowledge of our clients' needs, is at the heart of our operating model.
vision21 Solutions
vision21 Solutions IT/Communication
We offer a comprehensive selection of technology solutions, including laptops, desktops, tablets, Chromebooks, TVs, digital signage, and video walls. We partner with you to understand your vision and deliver the perfect solution for your needs.