Transitioning from CRM to ERP: who can you trust?

You want to transition from a CRM to a complete ERP for increased performance. Great idea!

Doing so can greatly improve the flow of data within the company and allow for customer relations to be integrated at the heart of your processes. However, you must proceed cautiously! Making this transition from CRM to ERP requires patience and reflection. Fail to do so and you may run the risk of bringing your project to a halt or investing resources and not seeing any added value in return.

Here are a few tips for moving from CRM to ERP.

Things to watch for when transitioning from CRM to ERP

An integrated management software package will cover all the activities of your company. Moving from a CRM to an ERP means fully including customer relations in the company's global ecosystem.

It is, therefore, necessary to analyze your existing configuration in-depth, to determine which ERP will best meet your present and future needs.

Let's take the Behring company for example: after having tested CRM, they wanted to opt for a more complete solution in order to gain functional power and manage all organizational activity in a more centralized way. The French manufacturer of new-generation water coolers had extended its customer relationship management software by developing new processes to monitor its machines and coordinate maintenance services.

A CRM can carry out these missions through specific developments. However, this can be expensive and complicated due to considerations such as maintenance and upgrades. A sudden jump to an ERP can also be a challenge. Therefore, It is better to start an ERP deployment project as you start to reach the limits of your CRM software’s capabilities, rather than trying to bend your existing software to meet your needs.


Things to watch when transitioning from CRM to ERP
which service provider to use when transitioning from CRM to ERP

CRM to ERP: which service provider to use?

Achieving a smooth transition from CRM to ERP requires a well-thought-out strategy

Calling on an IT service provider is essential to achieve this transition with speed and performance. But which one?

First of all, it is important to determine the Digital Service Company that will be able to understand your processes. In what ways do you use your current CRM? How do your teams collaborate with this CRM and the various digital solutions present within the organization? Your future partner should have a clear vision of the CRM market and its elements in order to understand the organization's situation.

Then, find a service provider who also specializes in ERP. He must also be familiar with the more general issues related to the information system and any technological bridges that will need to be built, etc. Of course, ask him about more practical aspects, such as the methodology, projected productivity increase and how to reduce the time it’ll take to adapt to these new changes.

It goes without saying that the service provider must be able to give you customer references to prove their expertise. Often times, software vendors award certifications to service providers. These certifications are a good way to ensure that the Digital Service Company you have selected is knowledgeable (for example, Captivea has Odoo V12 certification and is also an Odoo Gold partner).

Of course, it is also important that the feeling is mutual among all teams involved and that you share some common values that can help facilitate the process. With an integrator of the human realm, for example, you will have a dedicated contact and not be left with the feeling of just being another number. of being just a customer number. Don't say you haven't been warned...

Connect your ERP and CRM!

To help you find the perfect synergy between your ERP and CRM, we have prepared an E-book dedicated to the subject. Inside you will cover:

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  • Can you do without your CRM?

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  • Finding the right service provider to interconnect ERP and CRM

And much more...

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