Odoo integration: time to call a superhero!

(But choose wisely) !

There's no turning back now: from now on you will share your life with Odoo (at least at work). Its intuitiveness, functional coverage, customization possibilities and attractive price has seduced you... what more could you want? Ah yes, you need a matchmaker now, someone who knows how to connect you (for the best of course) to the Odoo ERP. In other words, you need an integration superhero, one capable of fulfilling your wildest dreams and making this new encounter between you and Odoo a wonderful love story.

Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice...

Choose a hero with powerful allies 

Being a superhero is good. But being a superhero with strong allies is even better. You’ve seen it before; the X-Men, the Avengers, the Indestructibles... All of these teams decided to unite because they realized the strength in numbers. Just ask Deadpool who in his second movie finally had to change his mind and find some strong partners to defeat Cable (the villain)...

For your future integrator, the most important ally is the publisher. The integrator you chose MUST be an Odoo partner. Don't hesitate! Having an Odoo partner as your integrator means you’re in the hands of someone who has real expertise and knowledge of the Odoo ecosystem.

Choose a hero with powerful allies
Odoo superheros have a good understanding of the real world

Test the hero's real-world knowledge 

You know as well as I do that superheroes are great, but sometimes they can be a little disconnected from the real world. Superman, when he's half-awake, must think everybody can fly... ...and Batman, even on a hot day, walks around in his black cape... They don't always understand the problems of "normal" people and their little everyday concerns. ...so it's hard for them to respond to Mr. And Mrs. so and so's needs in a practical way.

The same holds true for an integrator... choose a superhero, but, more importantly, a superhero with real field knowledge! The integrator must understand the context of the company he's addressing, their business specificities, etc. When you meet your integrator, you must feel that you share the same values, that you are on the same wavelength, that you speak the same language. That's how you build a lasting relationship.

Make sure you chose a well-equipped superhero 

 Every superhero has their favorite set of tools for carrying out a mission: the batmobile, breathtaking costumes (or not, Spiderman has questionable clothing choices), lightsabers and so on. Take them away and they quickly lose their powers. It’s like Magneto without his helmet or Wonder Woman without her magic lasso, it's not the same story!

For your future integrator, this is also true. Whoever you choose has to be able to show their favorite tools, such as a well-established methodology or RGPD expertise for example. Without these present as proof, it is difficult to know whether or not your integrator will be able to lead your Odoo integration project to success.

Choose a well equipped integrator that is partnered with oddo
Check out your Hero’s Track Record

Check out your Hero’s Track Record

It’s not enough to just call yourself a superhero. To be a superhero, you definitely have to have superpowers, but above all, you have to have accomplished heroic feats! No, helping grandma cross the street is not one of them (that's just kindness and common sense). And, of course, bragging about incredible feats without anyone being able to verify that they actually happened isn't part of it either (despite fake news getting bigger and bigger...).

As you can see, in order to be sure that your provider is indeed an Odoo integration superhero, you have to be able to validate their claims. To do so, it is essential that they can give you references to call, customer testimonials on which you can base yourself or even E-Books, webinar recordings, etc... If they are able to provide you with everything and meet the above criteria, then you let go of any doubts and go for it! (Come on, we'll help you a little: contact super Captivea)!

much more than an ERP
Odoo gold partner

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