Odoo Development: Build Confidence With a US Based Integrator

Are you torn between an American or an offshore integrator for your next Odoo project? It can be a difficult choice to make, as both options have advantages and disadvantages. Here is an article to help you see the differences and make a sound decision.

Offshore Odoo Integrators: Should You Give in to The Temptation?

If you are thinking of opting for an offshore solution, the cost is probably a big motivator for you. It’s clear that the budgets are not the same. You can get an offshore integrator for a fraction of the price that you'd pay here.

Budget aside, choosing an offshore integrator can generate several risks and has many disadvantages. Firstly, offshoring is often synonymous with hidden costs. Monitoring developments, needing to translate technical specifications or the obligation to travel to attend certain meetings can quickly raise your bill! Secondly, offshore teams often lack the responsiveness of onshore teams. And their distance and differing time zones don’t make it any easier! Cultural differences can also become an issue. As informative and enriching as cultural differences can be in our lives, it's not always beneficial during IT projects.

In short, even if you potentially reduce your invoice in half by using an offshore integrator, you may end up tripling your budget in the end because of the various problems and delays that you can encounter throughout your Odoo project.

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Nothing But Advantages: Choosing a US Based Integrator for Your Odoo ERP Project

There are four main reasons why you should choose a US-based integrator for your Odoo project To begin with, US integrators excel in software engineering. The consultants and developers you will work with are among the most advanced in the world. They work methodically, rigorously and are very familiar with meeting tight deadlines and will produce quality results.

The second reason why it is better to choose a US integrator for your Odoo project is proximity. Being closer to your Odoo service provider makes them much easier to get a hold of or even meet in person.

In the same vein, proximity often leads to increased reactivity! Thanks to regular, clear and straightforward contacts and well-defined SLAs, your requests will be handled quickly and efficiently. You will certainly save yourself a lot of back and forth validation trips and hair-pulling!

Finally, we would like to mention agility! US service providers are very advanced in using an agile method for IT projects. An agile method helps avoid consequent costs if the project changes scope once the developments are completed. 

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