Upcoming CRM Project? Understand your needs

Before launching your body and soul into your CRM project, it is imperative to get a precise understanding your expectations. The objective is to draft an  expression of needs for the sales team that can be integrated into the specifications of the project.

First, consider your business strategy in the short, medium and long term. It is essential to have these elements in mind when, secondarily, you determine your needs to manage the sales activity, the essential sales and marketing indicators, the needs to manage the sales force, etc. (to help you, you can also download our checklist for B2B CRM projects). Because obviously, depending on the future prospects of your service, you may consider it appropriate to add certain functionalities.

When building this document to organize the sales department's requests, do not miss information from other departments that you may also need. Identify them in detail as they should appear in the CRM.

Do not forget, either, to indicate the different restrictions of use that you would like to set up. What information should sales representatives have access to? Sales managers? The management? Another important point: the alert workflows to be built (or not) in the future CRM are also to be anticipated.

Finally, keep in mind that a CRM is a forward-looking project. This new software will become your daily companion for many years to come. Know how to anticipate the main changes in your company and in the sales management in particular. This will save you a lot of trouble when you want, for example, in 5 years time to integrate multi-currency when your CRM does not support it....

To learn more and benefit from all our expert advice in detail, as well as a grid to help you write your needs statement, we invite you to discover our 2018 CRM B2B Guide.

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