Insert your Odoo/Prestashop or Odoo/Magento connector

So you decided to connect your Odoo ERP software with your Magento or Prestashop e-commerce platform. The goal? Facilitate your commercial management and centralize all information within a single tool. To do this, there are a few parameters to take into account.

Step 1: if you have not yet chosen between Magento and Prestashop

The connection between Odoo on the one hand and Magento or Prestashop on the other hand is relatively similar. However, Magento is more complex and scalable. Indeed, we can create product attributes that can be retrieved on Odoo software , while it is not possible to do so with Prestashop.

This provides more flexibility to recover the Product data that the company needs. If you have not yet decided between Magento and Prestashop, now is the time to ask your ERP integrator for advice.

Step 2: define the scope of your project

It is important to understand the scope of the project in order to offer the right features to your customers.

For example, it is essential to understand which Product data will be synchronized between the two tools.

Warning: the product repository does not always look the same between Odoo and Magento or Prestashop. Specific developments will undoubtedly be to be expected (in particular in the case of multilingualism or multishop).

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Step 3: Install the connector

Might as well tell you right away: no, this step is not done in a few clicks! In any case, not if you want your data to synchronize optimally.

The installation of an Odoo connector with Prestashop or Magento allows data to be synchronized between the two tools. What are we talking about?

- Product synchronization: this is the heart of your project. Products can be synchronized from the ERP to the e-commerce platform and vice versa. But it is not automatic: the user can synchronize the data manually or program them (for example, synchronize the product data every day at 5pm).

As soon as a price, image or product feature is changed in the ERP, the data will be updated on the e-commerce platform after synchronization. This avoids double entry of information.

- Synchronization of orders: as soon as an order is placed on the e-commerce site, the related information is transferred to Odoo software in real time. This synchronization is unidirectional: the data is transferred from Prestashop or Magento to Odoo.

When the order is processed in the ERP, the status will be updated in the e-commerce platform (example: order cancellation). In this way, the customer will be informed directly by workflows.

- Synchronization of customers: the synchronization of this information makes it possible to recover the prior art of the entire relationship with the consumer. By retrieving information from your Magento or Prestashop platform, your ERP can have consolidated customer information from all distribution channels. This will allow you to better know your target audience and adjust your marketing strategy.

These three synchronizations are the most important. However, there are other additional synchronizations: VAT, payment methods, languages and currencies used on the site... Feel free to ask your ERP integrator for advice to make the right choices!

Step 4: Train your employees

Once the Odoo/Prestashop or Odoo/Magento connector is installed, it will be necessary to train your employees in the different functionalities of the tool. Your users will need to know where they can retrieve synchronized data and how to do so. If they were already using Odoo on a daily basis, they will have to forget the old habits, because new reflexes will have to be acquired.

Once again, do not hesitate to ask your ERP integrator about it. It will be the guarantor of an effective transition for all the services involved.

In conclusion, it is imperative to properly tie up the project in order to set up all the necessary synchronizations thanks to the Odoo / Magento or Prestashop module. To reassure yourself in the implementation of this major project, do not hesitate to call on an expert from the Odoo ERP...

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More than Magento and Prestashop : How to develop your e-commerce business?

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