Odoo for SMBs: Forgacom Shares Its Success Story with Captivea

Forgacom, a business consulting firm focused on SMBs led by Frédéric Dubois, chose Odoo and Captivea to support its growth. Frédéric Dubois, an expert in SMB development for over 25 years, shares his experience and satisfaction in this customer testimonial.  

Forgacom: 10 Years of Expertise Serving SMB Development

Forgacom is a consulting firm specializing in the organization and management of SMBs in France, founded in 2014. For 10 years now, Forgacom has been helping business leaders develop their companies in various ways: 

  • Improving sales efficiency
  • Better structuring the company
  • Improving management control

Frédéric DUBOIS: A Portrait in Numbers

  • Over 300 missions completed
  • Over 700 missions supervised
  • Over 1,000 companies supported in organization and development

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What were their challenges before implementing Odoo?

Forgacom was looking for a software solution to meet several key needs:

  • Simplify electronic invoicing processes
    • Automate the creation and sending of electronic invoices
    • Reduce the time spent on administrative management
  • Save time on writing proposals and tracking projects
    • Create customized quotes and proposals quickly and easily
    • Track project and task progress in real time
    • Improve collaboration between teams
  • Can sign online
    • Allow customers to sign electronic documents securely
    • Accelerate the validation process for quotes and invoices
    • Improve the customer experience
  • Have an integrated CRM solution
    • Manage contacts and leads centrally
    • Track interactions and communications with customers
    • Steer sales actions and identify opportunities

The quoting and invoicing modules were core for Forgacom. They needed a flexible and powerful solution that could meet their specific requirements. The implementation of Odoo allowed Forgacom to unify its business management, save time, improve its business performance.


Why did they choose Captivea?

Forgacom initially installed the Odoo software independently. However, to maximize the use of this powerful tool and fully exploit its features, Captivea was selected as their partner.

Captivea brought their expertise as a certified Odoo Gold partner in France. We supported Forgacom in getting started with the software and provided training on the more complex aspects. This collaboration allowed Forgacom to benefit from the expertise of experts in this ERP software, guaranteeing optimal use of Odoo.

« I knew what Captivea was capable of and how responsive they were. I especially know how much Sébastien RISS invests in the training of his employees, so I had complete confidence, and I must say that the results have proven me right. » Frédéric DUBOIS, CEO of Forgacom

Odoo at Forgacom: More Than Just an Installation, a Real Transformation

The Odoo implementation project at Forgacom was not just a simple software installation, but rather a real digital transformation, constantly evolving according to the company's needs.

Frédéric Dubois emphasizes that the deployment of Odoo is an ongoing process due to the software's rich functionality.

He highlights the importance of investing time upfront in the project to reap the benefits later.The constant evolution of the Forgacom project with Odoo demonstrates the adaptability and flexibility of the ERP software to meet the changing needs of businesses.

To learn more about how Captivea helped Forgacom succeed with Odoo, please visit Captivea's customer reference page :

Forgacom's reference page

« The implementation is never finished because Odoo is so complete that you always find a new feature to integrate. 
( ... )
You have to accept to invest time at the beginning of the implementation to save time later. » 
Frédéric DUBOIS, CEO of Forgacom

Captivea and Odoo: A Winning Combination for Forgacom

Captivea, A Responsive and Training Partner

Frédéric Dubois praises the exemplary responsiveness and availability of the Captivea team.

He emphasizes:

  • Effective collaboration with the Captivea team
  • Smooth communication
  • Quick and transparent handling of requests

For Forgacom, Captivea took the time to fully understand the company's specific needs and to support them in the implementation of Odoo. The team was able to adapt to Forgacom's pace and requirements to ensure a quick adoption of the tool.

« I switched directly to Odoo when version 16 was released and now I'm using V17. During the tests recommended by my consultant, everything went smoothly. I simply pressed a button, took the time to get a coffee, and when I came back, the migration was already finished. I was really impressed by such a smooth transition. » Frédéric DUBOIS, CEO of Forgacom

Odoo, A Solution That Exceeds Expectations

Frédéric Dubois affirms that the Odoo tool is much more than just a business management solution. The software has allowed them to meet secondary needs that have turned out to be essential.

Odoo automates time-consuming and repetitive tasks, allowing the Forgacom team to focus on other high-value tasks for the company.

The partnership between Forgacom and Captivea is not just a simple collaboration, it is a real success story that has transformed the management of Forgacom's activities. 

The automation of repetitive tasks and the optimization of processes have allowed Forgacom's teams to focus on high-value missions.

​Forgacom highlights two modules:
The Knowledge Module 
« Odoo Knowledge has allowed us to formalize and centralize our knowledge base, offering great flexibility and considerable time savings. »
Frédéric DUBOIS, CEO of Forgacom
The Website Module
The Odoo website is intuitive and easy to use, making it easy to learn the tool. » - Frédéric DUBOIS, CEO of Forgacom

Conclusion on Captivea and Forgacom collaboration

The partnership between Forgacom and Captivea is not just a simple collaboration, it is a real success story that has transformed the management of Forgacom's activities. 

The automation of repetitive tasks and the optimization of processes have allowed Forgacom's teams to focus on high-value missions.

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