Odoo 18 roadmap: the future of Odoo ERP unveiled

Odoo, a leading global player in ERP software, continues to revolutionize business management with innovative solutions. Odoo 18 roadmap is poised to support businesses in their digital transformation journey, helping them streamline operations and exceed expectations. With the imminent launch of Odoo 18, numerous improvements and new features are set to enhance user experience and meet the growing needs of businesses. This roadmap unveils the significant advancements brought by this new version. Let’s explore the future of Odoo with Version 18, scheduled for release in October 2024.

Odoo sales and customer orientation

Commissions for sales representatives

Following the updates introduced in versions 17, 17.1, 17.2, 17.3, 17.4, and “master” of the ERP software, Odoo 18 will introduce a revolutionary new module for calculating sales commissions. This module will enable businesses to define achievements and goals based on various criteria such as invoiced amount, sales amount, margin, quantity sold, and more. Users will be able to combine different rules with specific weights for products or recurring periods, thereby offering unprecedented flexibility in commission management.

Thanks to this flexibility, you will benefit from finely tuned customization of your commission systems, allowing you to motivate and reward your sales teams more effectively. This new module will help sales teams monitor and achieve their goals more effectively, leading to an increase in your sales and productivity within your organization as a result.

Loyalty program enhancements

To enhance customer loyalty, Odoo 18 will update the features of its customer portal. Users will benefit from integrated loyalty programs that generate personalized rewards and benefits, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

These integrated loyalty programs will help your business build a loyal customer base. As a result, you will reduce the cost of getting new customers and increase the lifetime value of your existing customers. Additionally, these programs will enhance the sales value by increasing customer retention and satisfaction

Combined products "everywhere"

The management of combined products will become ubiquitous in Odoo 18, integrating this functionality across Point of Sale (PoS), Sales, eCommerce, Rentals, and Subscriptions modules. This integration will enable consistent and simplified management of bundled offerings across various sales channels. This upcoming version of the integrated management software will be beneficial for enhancing your customer experience and increasing your cross-selling and upselling volumes.

PDF Quote Builder 2.0

The PDF quote builder will receive a major update with Odoo 18. The new version will include automatic translation of quotes, the use of any field based on a whitelist, and the insertion of customizable editable areas for each quote. These enhancements will make the quote creation process more flexible and tailored to each client’s needs. You can rely on these features to streamline the sales process and enhance customer satisfaction. Additionally, the expected features in the PDF Quote Builder will further streamline the sales process by improving user experience and workflow management.


Odoo Point of Sale

Backend/Frontend integration

Odoo 18 will transform the user experience by allowing access to backend views directly from the frontend. This integration will simplify point of sale management by providing a unified interface for both backend and frontend operations. You will be able to reduce the training time for your staff and enhance their operational efficiency.

UX and features improvements

The new version will introduce features such as barcode search, management of complimentary orders in restaurants, and organization of POS events. Additionally, products with variants will be displayed like eCommerce, and login and payment screens will be redesigned for a better user experience. These enhancements will improve the usability of the ERP tool and the efficiency of your point-of-sale processes. You will benefit from a smoother customer experience and increased sales for your business.

Furthermore, the barcode app will see improvements in batch tracking and inventory valuation, enhancing inventory optimization and manufacturing operations in Odoo 18.

Odoo eCommerce

UX and SEO enhancements

Odoo 18 will bring several innovations to eCommerce, including a new location selection widget and a login button in the payment form. The redesign of product pages and the shop, along with one-page checkout, will optimize the user experience. Additionally, various SEO improvements and the generation of a mega menu based on eCommerce categories will boost your company’s online visibility. 

With these features, enhance the user-friendliness and efficiency of the online purchasing process while reducing cart abandonment and increasing conversion rates. The revamped user interface in Odoo 18 focuses on accessibility and ease of use, further enhancing the overall user experience for website creation.

Inventory management and Click&Collect

Users will be able to authorize multiple warehouses on a website and display stock quantities on the product page in version 18. The enhancement of the Click&Collect flow will streamline the management of online and in-store orders, creating a smoother and more efficient shopping experience. You will achieve more accurate stock management and provide customers with greater flexibility in their purchasing options, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Odoo Inventory and Purchasing

Delivery distribution

Delivery management will be enhanced with the ability to batch prepare orders for delivery routes. Companies will be able to assign vehicles to specific batches and visualize these batches on a map, enabling them to refine their logistics and distribution. The changes introduced in Odoo 18 will help you reduce transportation costs and ensure the punctuality of your deliveries.

Automation and efficiency

Improved automated lots planned in v18 will combine waves and batches, optimizing inventory management. Additionally, the new barcode application set to be deployed will simplify product management, thereby improving operational accuracy and efficiency. The barcode app will also enhance batch tracking features, inventory valuation, serial management, push rules, and manufacturing operations. By using the Enterprise Resource Planning software, you can expect to reduce your inventory management costs while enhancing inventory accuracy.

Shipping management

Odoo 18 will enhance shipping connectors for Fedex, DHL, and UPS to offer improved pickup point selection in both backend and frontend. This update will provide businesses with smoother shipping management and new delivery options based on weight, volume, and product labels. All these enhancements will help increase customer satisfaction and control your shipping costs.


Odoo CRM & service

Customer service enhancements

Customer service management will be optimized with features such as revision tracking in tasks, warranty management for products, and location-based scheduling. These improvements will enable businesses to better meet their customers' needs and enhance satisfaction, potentially leading to increased loyalty and improved long-term customer relationships.

Helpdesk and scheduling

The new features of the Helpdesk will include suggesting similar tickets to support agents and recommending relevant documentation to clients. Additionally, scheduling will be enhanced with automatic generation of recurring shifts, considering employee availabilities. These improvements will be beneficial for reducing ticket resolution time and optimizing human resource management, thereby increasing the efficiency and productivity of your customer service teams.

New CRM features

Odoo 18 will introduce a brand-new CRM application with enhanced tools for WhatsApp, enabling better communication with clients. Appointment management will also be optimized with features like detecting double bookings and the ability to customize booking pages. These functionalities will improve your customer relationship management and increase customer engagement. Subsequently, you can optimize your sales and customer satisfaction rates. Additionally, the in-built custom apps within Odoo's ecosystem streamline various business operations across different domains such as sales, marketing, finance, human resources, manufacturing, inventory, and website building.


Odoo Accounting

Invoicing and banking

The new invoicing for businesses planned in Odoo 18 will simplify integration and offer enhanced functionalities. Improved UX for bank synchronization and credit card management will streamline financial management and reduce errors. These enhancements will also help you control the financial management costs of your organization and increase the accuracy of your accounting operations. As a result, you will manage your cash flow more effectively.

Reports and analytics

Financial reports will be enriched with revamped annotations and analytical budgets in Odoo 18. Users will benefit from improved visualization and analysis of financial data. This will enable better decision-making and refine strategic planning, ultimately improving the financial health of the company.


Inter-company transactions, enhanced asset management, and expense integration will be among the many improvements making accounting more robust and flexible in Odoo 18. These features will increase the robustness and flexibility of your accounting processes while reducing financial risks and improving operational efficiency.

Additionally, the marketing module in Odoo will feature enhanced email segmentation, an improved email server, and advanced marketing automation setup, removing constraints on newsletter distribution and positioning Odoo 18 as a comprehensive marketing solution.


Odoo HR/Payroll and Localizations

Investments and localizations

Odoo will continue to heavily invest in localizations, deploying specific features for different countries. The new functionalities will include updates to templates, additional fields, and workflows tailored to local requirements. These improvements will enhance compliance with local regulations, minimizing non-compliance risks and helping the international expansion of your business.

HR improvements

Human resources management will be revamped with features such as attendance management, recruitment, evaluations, and reference management. These tools will enable more efficient employee management and better team coordination. You can use them to increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Additionally, the simplified marketing automation setup in Odoo 18 allows users to link survey responses and event registrations directly to contacts and removes constraints on newsletter distribution, providing a comprehensive marketing solution.



Odoo 18 will stand for a significant advancement in ERP evolution. The many improvements and new features outlined in the roadmap will provide substantial value to users, improving operations and enhancing overall business performance. With this version, you can expect an enriched experience and powerful tools to support the growth and success of your organization. In the meantime, take advantage of the existing functionalities available on Odoo. As an expert ERP integrator, Captivea can advise and support you in your ERP implementation project.

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