ERP Solutions to Replace Your QuickBooks Desktop

Selecting the right ERP software is crucial for business growth. QuickBooks Desktop, a well-known accounting software, has long been favored by SMEs in France. However, with the announcement of its service discontinuation in 2023, businesses have been forced to reevaluate their options. While QuickBooks Desktop was a reliable solution in the past, its discontinuation presents an opportunity to transition to more robust systems. Many companies are now considering Odoo or Acumatica for a more comprehensive solution. To advance your business, consider integrated ERP solutions like Odoo or Acumatica, which offer much more than just accounting.

Attention: QuickBooks Desktop services ended in late 2023. Consider switching to a new ERP!

Choosing an Effective ERP Software to Replace QuickBooks Desktop

What is QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop, developed by Intuit since 2015, is a desktop ERP software installed directly on computers, providing accounting and financial management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in France. Despite its ease of use, QuickBooks Desktop has limitations in functionality for growing businesses.

With the software's discontinuation, many companies are considering migrating to more advanced ERP platforms like Odoo or Acumatica.


Odoo: A Comprehensive Alternative

Odoo stands out with its complete value proposition, offering a wide range of features from accounting to project management and CRM capabilities. Unlike QuickBooks Desktop, Odoo is cloud-based, providing an integrated approach that ensures a unified user experience. This integration offers real-time visibility into operations, consolidating data within a single platform.

Additionally, Odoo's modular flexibility allows you to easily adjust features to meet your specific needs, ensuring a solution that grows and evolves with your business. The strong community surrounding Odoo drives its continuous development, ensuring that businesses always benefit from the latest technological advancements and best practices.


Acumatica: A Robust ERP Solution

Acumatica and Cegid XRP Flex (based on Acumatica's core) offer a wide range of features in financial management and supply chain operations. Their flexibility and scalability are specifically designed to support business growth. Compared to QuickBooks Desktop, Acumatica and Cegid XRP Flex are more robust and comprehensive solutions, well-suited to the complex and evolving demands of modern businesses.

Acumatica enjoys a strong presence in the United States, recognized as a preferred choice for companies seeking a reliable and efficient ERP solution to support their expansion. Similarly, Cegid XRP Flex leverages Cegid’s expertise, establishing itself as a leading solution in France for businesses aiming to thrive in a dynamic environment.


Comparison of QuickBooks Desktop, Odoo, and Acumatica

Evaluate the pros and cons of QuickBooks Desktop, Odoo, Acumatica, and Cegid XRP Flex in this comparative table to help you choose the platform that best meets your business needs.


QuickBoooks Desktop


Acumatica and Cegid XRP Flex

Type of software ​

Desktop software installed locally

Cloud platform accessible via browser

Cloud platform accessible via browser


Installation on PC
Access via browser

Access via browser


Limited accounting management features
Comprehensive features including accounting, project management, and CRM

Advanced financial management, supply chain, and flexibility


Limited flexibility for changing needs
Highly flexible to adapt to evolving business needs

High flexibility to meet complex requirements


Limited integrations with other systems
Numerous integrations with third-party applications

Extensive integrations with various external solutions


Limited feature customization
Ability to customize features to specific needs

Advanced customization to meet unique business requirements


Variable cost depending on features and needs

Variable cost based on chosen modules and users

Variable cost based on features and scalability


Available via customer service
Available via customer service and online community

Available via customer service and online community

Facilitate Your Transition to Odoo or Acumatica with Captivea

Captivea, your trusted partner for transitioning to Odoo or Acumatica, ensures a secure and seamless migration to your new ERP environment. We are committed to recovering your data and adapting it to the new ERP, ensuring integrity and accuracy throughout the process. With our experienced team, you benefit from in-depth analysis and strategic planning for an efficient and risk-free transfer.

Our advanced tools and rigorous methods facilitate your transition to a more advanced ERP solution. With Captivea’s assistance, you can fully leverage the new features offered by Odoo or Acumatica without any hassle.



Choosing a platform that meets your business needs is essential for fostering growth and competitiveness. With the announcement of QuickBooks Desktop’s service discontinuation in 2023, many companies are seeking more effective alternatives. Odoo and Acumatica stand out as strong solutions, offering a comprehensive range of features and remarkable adaptability to meet your evolving needs. Transitioning to these solutions offers various benefits, including an extensive feature set and greater flexibility. With expert support from Captivea, this transition is smooth, ensuring data recovery and integration without loss.

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