ERP and the Sales Department featuring Darth Vader

As a strategic ally of Emperor Palpatine and head of an army of determined, energetic storm troopers, Darth Vader is a typical sales director in the Galactic Empire. Indeed, with a stubborn determination and ready to do anything to meet his targets, he embodies the (sales) Force of the Empire. As a true man of action, he orchestrates the business development, leads the solicitation of prospects, and optimizes the results of the Dark Side. To manage all this masterfully, Darth Vader obviously uses an ERP with a high-performance CRM solution. Demystifying the benefits of an "all-in-one" solution for the sales department, by Darth Vader.

An ERP system to optimize your interactions with customers and prospects

All SMEs have the duty to maintain high-quality relationships with current and prospective customers; that is the basis of their success. A good CRM tool is therefore an essential part of their armory. But have you ever considered using an ERP system to manage your customer relationships ? This could be a good alternative for a SME or a micro business, because CRM solutions that are integrated into ERP software are generally simpler and thus quicker to get to grips with than a dedicated CRM solution.

Moreover, these modules are relatively basic and require relatively little adaptation to meet salespeople's needs. CRM solutions integrated into ERP the native sharing of information across all modules within your management applications.

A 360° view of all your customer information

When following up with customers, while also checking available stock levels, it's clear that your salespeople are constantly juggling between the CRM and ERP packages. However, it is possible to increase their efficiency and productivity by using a single, integrated business application. In fact, this will provide them with a 360° visibility across all customer information held in the various areas of the business (accounting, logistics, marketing, etc.) It is therefore no longer necessary to between the CRM and ERP software to search for data!

Let's take the example of quote management with a solution like Odoo: all files, such as the price lists and the product catalogs are available with the different pricing offered to each type of customer (general public, resellers, VIP customers, etc.) This represents a considerable time saving for your sales force. Moreover, unlike a traditional CRM system that only offers a synthetic view of information, an integrated tool offers a detailed, view in real time.

Choose a modern CRM solution

To optimize the sales management within your business, you should keep an eye out for new features, because some solutions are more comprehensive than others in terms of their feature base. 

One of the tools that is extremely popular with sales people is the Kanban view. It allows CRM data to be managed via a highly visual, userfriendly interface. This makes it possible to customize the way in which all current opportunities are displayed. This simplified, global view is ideal for salespeople because it enables them to quickly identify the next action to take, thereby triggering activities in a smooth flow. 

Then, as you are aware, dematerialization is a key concern for SMEs. This puts an end to timeconsuming tasks; the era of time saving is upon us! For example, a modern ERP software allows you to create and send quotes in a few seconds, then send them as a PDF or directly online. To take things even further, and enhance your return on investment significantly, some ERPs even support electronic signatures. This puts an end to the endless wait until all parties have signed paper documents!

From now on, your (sales) Force will always be with you in conquering the galaxy.

Master Yoda's advice 
“With a CRM deployment, you will start.”
CRM is a key aspect of the business, and you are firmly advised to integrate it in advance of other modules in your ERP system. Partly, it is in the interests of your business to be more "customer-focused" than "production-focused.”

Moreover, the bespoke development effort that needs to be taken is very limited, if there even is any.

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