ERP, a software that costs you nothing

At first glance, you might think this title sounds off, and you could be right! But what if we told you otherwise? You've probably heard of ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, a software renowned for streamlining a company's overall management, also known as business management software. Is it a cost? Yes, probably, but what if we looked at it from another perspective? Maybe consider it as... an investment? 😉
Absolutely, let's delve deeper, let's be smart! Throughout this article, we'll help you form your own opinion by demonstrating how investing in an ERP can bring you much more than you might dare to hope for.

ERP: An all-in-one solution at the price of a single software

Centralize Key Functions of Your Business: CRM, Inventory Management, Accounting, etc.

Imagine a software that brings together all the useful business functions for your company: 

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources Management
  • And so on.

This software exists, and it's none other than an ERP! Integrated in the form of "modules", these functionalities are centralized within a single platform. This means your teams won't have to juggle between different software to perform their daily tasks. Their workflow will be significantly simplified thanks to the automation of relationships between the various modules.  


Reduce costs associated with purchasing multiple independent software

One of the most obvious benefits of ERP is the reduction of costs associated with purchasing multiple independent software. Instead of investing in several software solutions to manage different functions of the business, a single ERP system provides all the necessary functionalities.

Stop wasting your time rounding up costs to avoid exceeding the allocated budget on software licenses, installation fees, and maintenance costs associated with each individual software. With an ERP implementation, problem solved!

Adopt the benefits of centralized maintenance and updates

By opting for an ERP, you also benefit from advantages in terms of maintenance, updates, and most importantly, cost! Instead of having to pay for updates for multiple different software, maintenance is centralized within a single ERP system. This simplifies the maintenance process and ensures that all parts of the business have access to the latest features and enhancements. Goodbye downtime, and hello ERP magic!

Save time, save money!

Automate repetitive and administrative tasks

The repetitive and administrative tasks that occupied most of your employees' production time can be automated through an ERP, including:

  • Data entry
  • Report generation
  • Order management

Automating invoicing and payment tracking has the advantage, for example, of reducing the time spent manually processing each transaction. As a result, your staff can focus on high-value tasks such as improving customer service or managing supplier relationships.

Increasing your productivity means improving your operational efficiency

By automating key processes, an ERP enables faster and smoother task execution, thereby improving the operational efficiency of your teams.

For example, imagine your sales team can now track a business deal from start to finish without having to switch from one software to another. With Odoo CRM and Odoo Website, they can benefit from automated lead generation: B2B visitors to your website are automatically identified and generate a lead in your CRM, allowing you to expand your list of warm prospects.


Invest in a solution that evolves with your business

Adding new users and modules becomes a breeze

An ERP is designed to be scalable, which means it can easily accommodate an increase in the number of users or the addition of new features. Whether you're hiring new employees or need new capabilities, the ERP can evolve without requiring major reinvestments.

Quickly adapt to market changes and new opportunities

A flexible ERP enables you to respond quickly to market changes, whether they involve new regulations, consumer trends, or business opportunities. The ERP can be configured to meet new requirements without requiring major structural changes.

If you're a distribution company, you can adjust your inventory management and logistics processes in response to increased seasonal demand or a new market opportunity using the capabilities of the ERP.


ERP = Return on Investment?

Return on Investment (ROI) calculates the return generated by an investment relative to its initial cost.

Forrester Research, a company providing analysis, advice, and forecasts to businesses, evaluated the return on investment (ROI) of various ERP systems and found significant benefits. For example, Epicor's ERP showed a substantial ROI of 264% over three years. The main contributions to this high ROI included better inventory management, improved planning and scheduling, as well as significant IT savings. Interesting, isn't it?

Comparison Table of Investments and Benefits Following ERP Software Implementation

Following these lengthy explanations on the whys and how's, I'll summarize everything in a table for you.



ERP Installation Project ERP

  • Licenses Implementation by an Expert Integrator (Captivea 💪) 
  • Training for Your Key Users 
  • Data Migration 

Continuous Maintenance and Support for a Single Software

A single ERP software instead of multiple independent software

  • Cost savings on license fees
  • Savings on maintenance costs
  • Savings on evolution and implementation costs of new integrated modules

Process automation & data centralization

  • Time saved on repetitive low-value tasks for more time allocated to high-value tasks
  • Cash flow improvement by reducing overdue payments through automated billing and payment tracking
  • Reduction in production costs by minimizing production errors or other issues through automation and control of each step of your processes

Gain more opportunities

  • Increase in leads generated directly from your website to your CRM
  • Improvement in tracking of your prospects and customers through integration of marketing modules
  • Enhancement of real-time data-driven decision making


As the CEO of CAPTIVEA, Sebastien RISS, aptly puts it: «Deploying an ERP software is not a cost, it's an investment

An integrated management system is much more than just software: it's a strategic solution that can transform how you manage your business, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: long-term growth and success. So, are you ready to take the plunge and discover all that an ERP can bring to your business?

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