Boost Your Performance with Your Odoo 17 Websites and eCommerce Platforms

Let's explore the updates planned for your Website and eCommerce modules!

The launch of Odoo 17 comes with a wide range of new features dedicated to the creation and administration of websites and eCommerce platforms. The ERP solution aims to redefine the user experience and help enhance your online presence through these innovations.

Optimize Your Website from the Start

Recreate Your Website in Odoo in Just a Few Clicks

Already have a website but want to migrate to Odoo? The "Website Scraper" function, or auto-imitation, effortlessly transforms all websites into Odoo pages. The conversion takes place in just a few clicks.

Your website can be linked with an Odoo blog to implement an effective content marketing strategy. Easily add new articles to your web pages. All content will be Responsive Design, adapting seamlessly to phones, mobiles, and tablets

Use ChatGPT as Your Website Configurator

ChatGPT is now among the tools available on your website builder. It allows you to generate relevant and coherent text content for the purpose of your website. You can guide the content generation powered by ChatGPT with style and length characteristics. For example, ask it to suggest email templates, marketing campaigns, or knowledge articles. 

Its ability to draft all types of text makes AI an interesting lever for your search engine optimization (SEO). You can ask it to find topics, catchy titles, relevant keywords, and outlines for your content.


Exploit New Page Templates in odoo 17

In Odoo 17, website customization has been enhanced, along with text creation and processing capabilities. You can now choose from several page templates when generating a new page.

Additionally, Odoo offers new header templates, including headers dedicated to eCommerce with a discount banner and a product search bar.

Adopt Text Highlighting Effects

With Odoo v17, enhance your website headers with striking elements. Whether it's hand-drawn waves or circles, the newly added text highlighting effects in the ERP will optimize the user experience (UX) on your web pages.

Improve Your Site's Performance with WebP Images

One of the major innovations is the ability to convert your images to WebP format. WebP is an image format like PNG or JPG but tailored and dedicated to display on a web page. Using these compressed visuals will improve your site's speed and, consequently, your search engine optimization (SEO)

Moreover, Odoo 17 provides a library of shapes that you can use to frame your images on your website. 

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Offer an Enhanced eCommerce Experience

Enjoy an Optimized Checkout Process

The online payment design has been completely redesigned in Odoo v17. The improvements focus on payment design and flow. For example, you'll experience a better-designed layout for mobiles and new animations for the shopping cart.

As for available discount vouchers assigned to a customer, they will be automatically displayed in the final phase of the checkout. You can add them with just a simple click.

Add Captivating Descriptions to Your Products

To enhance your users' experience on your eCommerce site, Odoo v17 allows you to generate (via AI ChatGPT) and formulate detailed and attractive descriptions for your products. Use the Odoo text editor to configure their layout effortlessly.

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ability to display your product labels in odoo 17

Now, when you log in to your online store in Odoo, you can add labels to your products. Simply access the updated eCommerce module and then your eCommerce product pages to configure them.

For example, you can add informative labels from their creation. They will also be accessible via filters on your eshop platform page. The advantage of this feature is to allow you to later filter your products based on these labels.

Use Images as Attribute Values

Product variants are useful if you want to differentiate variations of the same product. You can now use images instead of colors for these variants. These visuals will be added as attribute values, enabling the product configurator on each product page.


Easily Detect and Manage Your Customers' Billing Addresses

In Odoo v17, you have the option to automatically detect a customer's address during the payment process. This simplifies the addition and updating of their address. You can also link billing addresses and shipping addresses. This new feature facilitates their management during the checkout process.

Offer Your Customers the Ability to Choose More Than One Option for Each Product

With the ability to create multiple "checkbox" fields for products in your eCommerce catalog, your customers can choose more than one option for each product when adding them to the cart. 

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