CRM project? The 3 essential rules for choosing your solution

Your CRM project is well and truly underway! In a few months, you will be able to work much more efficiently thanks to this new software. But first, you have to choose THE solution, the one that will take you to the firmament of customer relationship management... In short!

Let's stop getting carried away and define the main rules that a CRM solution must follow.

To start, a CRM must be at the service of the productivity of the greatest number of people. This means that it must serve the interests of the commercial function, but that's not all. A CRM with little or no marketing functionality, for example, is not a good bet!

In addition, its operation must be simple and intuitive enough to facilitate the daily tasks of its users. The goal is not to equip yourself with a gas machine that would complicate everything.

Of course, it must also be able to adapt to the specifications of your company (multi-site, multilingual or multi-currency for example).

You will have the choice between the best CRM Solution in the market like Odoo, SugarCRM, Salesforce ou Hubspot.

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Then, your future CRM must be forward-looking. Don't think only about your needs at this moment. You will not change CRMs every year, so think about anticipating future needs and making sure that the solution you have chosen will work.

Looking to the future also implies that CRM must be in line with new technologies (AI, Marketing Automation, etc.). The integration of a new CRM solution is often the right time to review and improve processes with new features.

Finally, your CRM must appeal to your CIO.

This is a nice way of saying that it must be technically efficient. Whether it is in relation to inter-operability or security issues, check with your CIO to ensure that the solution chosen meets the technical criteria essential for proper operation over the years.

To discover the 10 keywords of a successful CRM project for sales and marketing departments, read our B2B CRM Guide. Very good reading!

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Download e-book CRM

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