A CRM project? CIO: Prepare for change management

A CRM project is often synonymous with upheaval within a company. New tools, new working methods, new rules to be respected... All these changes are not always easy for employees to accept. However, with a well-crafted change management system, it is possible to avoid the main resistances. Here are some ways to boost the adoption rate of your CRM software.

This may not seem very useful at first sight, but it is one of the keys to success: the "branding" of the project. In collaboration with internal communication or marketing department, name the CRM project internally.

Communicate it as soon as it is officially approved, motivate the troops with challenges such as "imagine your future CRM", etc. This is an excellent way to involve future users. They will be able to follow the progress of the project, give their opinion, share their fears...

You will be able to remove many obstacles even before deployment.

Here is another serious approach to follow: include all trades in the project. Indeed, the customer relationship management software does not only concern the sales department, quite the contrary! As CIO, you must act as a link between all departments and give everyone a voice. All needs must be identified. Do not leave accounting or logistics on the floor, for example. Of course, you will not be able to respect everyone's wishes, you will have to prioritize, but they will have been listened to and this will allow you to explain to them the reasons for your choices.

Finally, be organized! The construction of a precise calendar  coincides with serenity for you and your teams. In case of questions, everyone can refer to this calendar (updated regularly, of course). Your phone and mailbox will thank you for it.

Many avenues are still to be explored, to discover them in the direction of our B2B CRM Guide. Excellent reading!

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