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Your company organizes events and today it takes you a lot of time to organize its promotion, for the management of participants, for the follow-up of the purchase of tickets, etc...? We have tested for you a complete and easy-to-use event management software, which also allows you to know the ROI of each event realized.

Event management from A to Z in a few clicks

The Odoo software allows you to manage events (conferences, webinars, festivals, training, etc.): from the organization of the event, to the D-day, via online promotion and ticket sales.

To give visibility to each event, Odoo offers an easy-to-use editor to put the event online. All the information relating to the holding of the event will be provided, with the possibility of completing it, with the addition of links, images, call-to-action, forms, etc....

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To improve and track the online activity of each event, Odoo offers SEO tools ready to be used via, for example, the suggestion of keywords and phrases (most searched on Google); and Odoo integrates Google Analytics into each event, to obtain accurate data on all activities performed.

Odoo also allows you to schedule the sending of emails related to the organization of each event: invitation, registration confirmation, reminder, thank you, etc.

And to make registration and management easier, Odoo allows tickets to be purchased online (and offline). The payment method can be configured in a few clicks: by card or by sending an invoice (free event registrations can also be managed), as well as the implementation of special conditions: pre-sale rates, customer/member benefits, ticket categories.

The user can easily access and manage the list of event participants and can print badges for each of them from Odoo.

Odoo Monitoring the ROI of events

Monitoring the ROI of events

With software like Odoo, it is now easy to track the ROI of an event! It is often THE problem of organizing events: knowing the ROI of each event organized, and knowing which events work best. Essential information to set up the next events.

Odoo's event management module provides accurate dashboards and real-time reports on event data. If in addition, the company uses Odoo's CRM module, it will be possible to track the activity of prospects acquired during an event. It will then be easy to know which events generate the most leads, which events generate the most revenue, etc....

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Odoo, more than just event management software

Odoo is not just event management software, it’s fully integrated business management software that adapts to the needs of all companies. Each module is integrated with the others, allowing optimal information sharing between all departments of a company.

Thus Odoo offers modules for sales management, sales management, point of sale management, customer support management, inventory and inventory management, accounting management, marketing management, website and website management, etc. Odoo has it all!

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A lot of companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

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