Odoo ERP advantages unwrapped!

Of the bare minimum that we'd expect from an ERP: Odoo does everything we'd hope for and more! It meets your needs in terms of:

  • Inventory and project management
  • e-commerce connectivity
  • sales management optimization

But that's not all! Odoo is not just an ERP, it is much more than that: it is an agile solution that is capable of meeting all company needs, whether they are simple and standard or very specific and complex. Here is a short (non-exhaustive) overview of these amazing software features!

HR management and digitization

With Odoo, human resources management is child's play. Everything isstored digitally in one centralized place: recruitment, annual evaluations, HR expenses, absences, attendance times, expense reports, etc. This keeps yourpersonnel directory constantly up to date. Odoo’s alert system makes it easy to notify the manager or the HR director of employee leave requests, new applications you get the picture! with Odoo, you no longer need to outsource your HR management!


Point of sale (POS) management

It’s not always easy to choose how to run your store. There's always a question of which hardware to use? or which cash register software is best? With Odoo, everything is designed to save you time and money. The POS management module is compatible with any device (tablets, PCs, industrial machines...) and allows you to have an unlimited number of users. The flexibility of Odoo’s POS system allows you to configure its interface to perfectly and intuitively match user needs.


Intuitive and simple website creation

This is one of Odoo's key strengths: the creation of showcase or e-commerce sites. With Odoo you don’t need to hire a special web creation agency, you don’t even need to know how to code. Odoo gives you the tools and freedom to create customized websites that are on par with industry standards (responsive, UX oriented, etc.).With Odoo’s simple drag and drop interface building your site couldn’t be any easier. You can start with a basic website and then add features as you go: e-commerce, customer portal, blogs, events... And as if it wasn’t a lot already; all the tools necessary for converting visitors into customers are available in the Odoo toolkit!


Subscription management

With Odoo's subscription management module, you can finally focus on your products and consumer relations. All the redundant tasks are automated: invoices, payment management, tax management, etc. Your members have access to a user-friendly portal where they can find all the information that is relevant to them. Odoo has a whole lot of features that your sales team will thank you for! They can finally focus on their new prospects instead of handling all the accounting work for existing customers.



Odoo's accounting memo: "Do more, in less time". The dream for anyone who has ever had to manage a company's accounting. But how does Odoo turn this dream into a reality? Thanks to several extremely practical features including bank synchronization, with over 15,000 supported banks, easy reconciliation, on-the-fly payment reconciliation, multi-currency management, and much more. If you’re not convinced yet, take a look at Toyota. Their automotive and material Handling sector implemented Odoo's accounting module to directly invoice customers from the Odoo software. Some users have even abandoned SAP in favor of Odoo accounting.


The helpdesk

It’s possible to manage customer service without a dedicated tool, up to a certain point... As soon as your customer base exceeds a certain size, you have to structure your support and equip yourself with powerful helpdesk software. The Odoo Helpdesk module is very well designed and perfectly fulfills the needs of growing companies of all sizes. Thanks to a very intuitive interface, tickets can be viewed in a clear, organized and easy to read format. You get an instant overview of team workloads. You can also check the status of a ticket according to your customized service-level agreement rules. Of course, the solution is multi-channel and fully integrated with other Odoo applications for even greater productivity and customer satisfaction levels.


Event management

The objective of event management software is to simplify your daily life. To do this, it is essential that all your events, physical or virtual, are centralized in one place. This is possible with Odoo, you can manage field and web events of any size in the same tool: conferences, trade shows, webinars, festivals, demonstrations... and more! Every stage is integrated into Odoo (dedicated mini-site creation, invitation >sending, registration form generation...) and remains fully customizable. You can also benefit from the power of SEO with Odoo promotion tools and manage online payments directly from the platform as well. You’re pretty much guaranteed to see productivity improve with all of these powerful features.


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Captivea supports companies in managing their departments with the Odoo ERP software. Captivea is an Odoo Gold Partner and Odoo Certified.

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