Odoo Roadshow: Supercharge Your Subscription-Based Services!

Captivea Heads To Texas For A Special Edition Of The Odoo Roadshow in Austin

The subscription-based business model is becoming increasingly popular and as a result, Odoo has decided to focus on the challenges that these companies face. Odoo has created quick and simple automated features to handle recurring sales and subscriptions and allow businesses to concentrate on their services and customer relationships. At this roadshow, Odoo will be presenting the Odoo features that will transform the future of subscription service-based businesses.

Captivea, Odoo Gold Partner, will be attending the event in Austin, Texas on March 3rd, 2020 and speaking during the shows' Partner Panel. Past events have hosted over 1000+ attendees making the Odoo Roadshow the best place to meet Odoo experts and local partners to discuss Odoo implementation, methodology and perspectives.

What is Odoo and How Can It Impact Your Business?

Odoo is an all-in-one business management software with applications that are very easy to use and implement. For businesses offering subscriptions, Odoo's automation takes care of recurring sales and subscriptions and accepts various payment methods including credit cards and checks. Odoo can create contracts at every step of the consumer journey as well as clear and concise, automated invoices. This level of automation, of course, makes taxes and payments a breeze. And the best part of all; you are in full control of the settings!

Odoo is used by nearly 4 million users worldwide. Its easy to navigate and user-friendly interface makes it an excellent software that meets and exceeds current user expectations. With more than 10,000 applications developed, numerous partners across the globe and software that has been translated into multiple languages, it's safe to say that the worldwide Odoo community is very active.

The Odoo software has proven its worth and has completely taken its place at the top when compared to other business management software. 

During the event, the following topics will be covered as listed on the official roadshow page:

  • Accept any payment method: Credit cards, wire/ACH, checks, cash.
  • Manage contracts and payments at every step of the customer lifecycle: onboarding, upsell, downgrade, renewal, termination.
  • Charge based on usage, time, fixed quantities at any frequency.  
  • Support frontend flows (eCommerce/portal) and backend flows (inside sales/customer success) Automatically create invoices, payments, and accounting entries when sales are made.
  • Simplify customer communication with one invoice for several subscriptions Reporting: Cohort analysis, MRR, NRR, LTV, Churn rate, Net New, Expand, etc.

Captivea Odoo Gold Partner

Captivea is an international company that supports companies in the implementation of Odoo software. As a software integrator since 2007, we have developed solid skills and the experience needed to lead all our clients' projects to success.

Gold partner of Odoo, our U.S. based consultant teams is Odoo certified, which allows us to offer our customers the highest quality of support in the implementation of Odoo within their company.

Our team works with clients from various industries and will be able to answer any questions you may have about implementing Odoo into your current systems. 

Odoo Roadshow Austin

Learn. Network. Have Fun

This event brings professionals from all types of industries. While learning about the latest industry-changing trends and technologies you'll be able to connect with local, passionate and like-minded business professionals. The event is free and will have refreshments and appetizers to enjoy while networking!

Event Information

March 3, 2020

Start at 6:30 PM - End at 11:00 PM

Location: Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt


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