Explore the Latest Features in the Point of Sale (POS) Module with odoo in 2024

Discover the advancements in the Point of Sale (POS) module with Odoo v17

Learn about the better security in transactions with the new Odoo v17 Point of Sale module. Better features, like QR codes on receipts, make transactions more secure and confidential at the point of sale.

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Safeguard transactions for heightened privacy

Improved Invoice Security

In the earlier version of Odoo, invoices could be accessed by anyone simply by scanning a QR code. In Odoo v17 POS, invoices are now more secure with the new Code On Ticket feature. This double-layer security for invoices includes a unique 5-digit code, ensuring enhanced confidentiality, with access granted only to authorized individuals. 

Double security on invoices

It improves invoice security with a special 5-digit code, ensuring only authorized individuals can access them for increased confidentiality.


Leverage the New Credit Limit Feature

In Odoo v17, the maximum credit given to partners or businesses now applies to the Point of Sale. This feature was first introduced in the Sales module in Odoo V16. A notification pops up on views and customer-related buttons when a predetermined limit is reached.

More Accessible Features for Non-User Employees

In Odoo v17, non-user employees can now perform advanced actions in the Point of Sale module. Previously, authorized personnel restricted cash in/out, which are included in these actions.

Expanded Possibilities with QR Code

Odoo v17 keeps up with the restaurant industry by allowing customers to order using a QR code. Through QR code scanning, customers can now view the menu, place an order, and even pay for their order online.


Explore all new Features with POS for Restaurants

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