Master your online payments with eBizCharge and Captivea

Captivea is pleased to announce its partnership with eBizCharge!

EBizCharge is a transaction processing software from your management system. As an integrated feature in your ERP (Odoo & Acumatica), this platform simplifies your online payment management.

eBizCharge, your payment management software

Master your online payments with ease

Managing your online payments becomes remarkably simple and effective with eBizCharge. This integrated solution automates tasks related to transaction management within your company. Additionally, eBizCharge enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering them a smooth and hassle-free payment experience.


Harmonize your workflow by connecting eBizCharge with your ERP system

By connecting eBizCharge to your ERP system, you can streamline financial operations, improve overall visibility on payments, and optimize business processes. EBizCharge is compatible with many popular management systems, such as Odoo and Acumatica.

This integration will allow you to gain efficiency and competitiveness in the market.

Ensure complete security of your payment information thanks to eBizCharge

EBizCharge guarantees complete security of your payment information. Thanks to its advanced features and powerful security measures, eBizCharge ensures the protection of your sensitive data.

This integrated solution ensures the security of your data by securely encrypting it.


Master your financial data with eBizCharge

Adopt an effective reporting and analysis strategy to optimize the management of your financial transactions. With eBizCharge, you have full control of your financial data. This integrated management system allows you to fully master your financial flow.

By using this strategy, you can make informed decisions and implement corrective actions to improve your operational efficiency and overall profitability.


Automate refund processing with a powerful payment management system

EBizCharge offers features that allow you to facilitate refund management in your company. With this solution, you can streamline and accelerate the refund processing, thus reducing delays and potential errors.

You will also have the opportunity to simplify the financial management of your company and offer a transparent experience to your customers and employees.

This automation of refunds, made possible by the integration of eBizCharge into your ERP, improves financial management and strengthens customer relationships.


Maximize your financial operations with eBizCharge in your ERP

Captivea, now partnered with eBizCharge, is ready to accompany you in the implementation of your ERP software (Odoo & Acumatica) associated with eBizCharge so that you can fully enjoy the different features of this online payment management system.

With Captivea's in-depth expertise in software solutions, improve the efficiency of your payment process and optimize your business operations.


Enhance your online payments with eBizCharge and Captivea

Captivea, as leader of Odoo implementation worldwide is the best Odoo and Acumatica partner that you can choose!

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