Improving project management in remote work environments with Odoo ERP

The pandemic has pushed companies to rethink their organizational structure and incorporate remote work as needed, or even as much as possible. While important, this transition is not always easy without the right digital tools.

How can companies track user activity? Or promote collaboration between different projects and team members? The Odoo ERP is the perfect solution for successfully carrying out this transition from office to a remote work environment. 

How to promote team collaboration in a remote work environment

Remotely managing projects is not easy. Many companies use project management solutions, but they are often installed directly on company workstations and not accessible remotely. Others use Excel, which in addition to how difficult it makes it to collaborate, has its limits when it comes to real-time follow-ups and data security.

For a manager transitioning teams to remote work, many questions arise such as; how to ensure teams understand their tasks and are completing them on time? For the employee, a question may be how to find the best way to work with and track the activity of other employees. 

Here we discuss how remote-work managers can manage the different teams involved and maintain effective communication regardless of distance.

Remote project management with Odoo 

Having a dynamic and powerful tool where all information can be stored is a real plus for a company. Imagine being able to know what the sales team has sold, track the progress of different departments, and receive updates regarding key discussion points... All of this information is typically shared during informal discussions among different employees...but with Odoo it can now be recorded for the benefit of the entire company.

An online project management solution is essential for successful remote collaboration. And its usefulness improves when connected to other company management tools such as ERP. Quote generation, project management and customer support tickets, all of the different areas are intertwined and synchronized in one centralized software.

Easier collaboration: remote access, traceability of exchanges...

Data centralization gives a 360 view of the entire organization without risking the loss of any loss of information between collaborators. Odoo is very flexible and makes it possible to modify projects easily and automatically inform any team member that it may concern. Odoo's alert and ticket system is efficient when it comes to tracking information and allows teams to follow project steps remotely. In the event that any issues arise in the company Odoo provides a real-time overview of available resources to allow users to react quickly.

Odoo project management offers different types of views including kanban, calendar and list. It facilitates company interactions and communication by setting up reminders, creating notes and auto-assigning tasks. Odoo also helps improve coordination, which is essential for remote work management. Having to go through a high volume of email exchanges can oftentimes can leave employees overwhelmed. Odoo significantly reduces the number of email interactions to make things more manageable.

No more endless email exchanges or siloed information. Authorized employees can directly make modifications to the elements that concern them, thus driving company performance levels and improving employee work quality.

Project management in numbers  

  • 77% of companies use project management software.

  • Only 44% of employees are satisfied with the project management process in their company.

  • 59% of respondents admit to storing project management information in different email exchanges rather than centralizing everything.

  • 41% of respondents say they track project progress through various tools.

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