ERP software and e-commerce platform: friends for life!

You have decided to develop other distribution channels, in addition to your e-commerce site. So you have chosen an ERP software (Odoo, in this case) but you are still wondering if there is an interest in connecting your ERP to your e-commerce platform. Here are some of the answers....

Easy product management

Today, to update the products on your online store, you create product sheets manually, with reference, photos, prices, description and stock. This process is tedious and time-consuming. Especially since you have already entered this information in your ERP software.

To avoid re-entering and reduce the number of errors, you can create a gateway between your e-commerce platform and your ERP. Thus, in case of addition of new products or modification of existing products, the update on your e-commerce site will be done automatically and instantly. Your ERP software thus becomes the sole source of your data.

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Inventory management becomes child's play

When an order is placed on your e-commerce site, the stocks are updated in the backoffice of your e-commerce platform.

To ensure the most accurate stock, you need to make regular inventories to match your actual and virtual stocks. However, your warehouses are not necessarily in the same city or country, so it is complicated to monitor stocks and ensure a reliable quantity

If you create a gateway between your ERP software and Magento (or Prestashop), stock movements will be updated automatically, reducing discrepancies and errors. It also allows you to anticipate disruptions and better manage your production.

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Customer management, a real gold mine

All customer information collected through your online store is valuable to your business. However, they may be lost or misunderstood when you want to integrate them into your information system.

Thanks to the gateway between Odoo and Magento or Prestashop, the information will be automatically recorded in your central tool. This makes your data secure and reliable and frees you from time-consuming processes. As customers are not limited to a single point of sale, you will be able to automatically reconcile all the data collected to refine your product offer and marketing strategy.

Logistics management: the end of the puzzle

When a customer places an order on the site, it must be prepared and then delivered to the carrier. The e-commerce platform makes it possible to manage this process and inform the customer. However, this information must be entered in the ERP to be able to process orders internally: purchase order, preparation form, delivery note, invoice....

Thanks to the gateway between Odoo and Prestashop (or Magento), the different stages of preparation and shipment of the package will be synchronized between the two tools. Your customer will be informed instantly by email and on his personal online space.

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Accounting management: as easy as pie

The e-commerce platform generates an invoice with each order shipment. However, the accounting department must point out e-commerce transactions every day and enter them in Odoo, as invoices are platform-specific.

The gateway between your ERP software and your e-commerce site, allows you to transmit your accounting data automatically and securely. Customer invoices are generated on Odoo and transferred to your customer's personal space. This makes your accounting easier.

In short, connecting Odoo with Magento or Prestashop will allow you to aggregate all the company's data in a single tool. By reducing time-consuming tasks, your teams will gain in efficiency and motivation.

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