CRM project? How to choose the best integrator?

The project to deploy a new CRM within your company is in progress. You have ensured that you have the support of management, the dialogue with the various departments has never been so fruitful, and your team in the information systems department is in at the startings blocks. All you need is the integrator! To make an informed choice and build a long-term partnership, here are some tips...

First, if you have not already done so, benchmark the market! Of course, don't settle for the 3 integrators you know from your network, or those closest geographically, aim wide! Open up your possibilities and let yourself be surprised!

Once you have established your shortlist, run "recruitment sessions" for each of the providers. Test their business knowledge around CRM and your sector as well. Check their references, links to the solution publisher, etc. The more you know, the better.

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Also remember to ask them about the project methods they have developed and their internal organization. Ask yourself about the ecosystem in which your future integrator evolves. Does it organize events, for example? The goal is to know if you will be well supported and if the quality of service is good.

Finally, to make sure you have covered all the points to discuss with your new CRM partner, you can also download our free B2B CRM guide. You will find a detailed list of the elements to be taken into account to find the CRM integrator that will lead you to success.

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