A CRM project? Marketing Department: take stock of your needs

Many professionals still tend to believe that a CRM is intended only for the sales function. So she would be the only decision-maker in this project that will revolutionize your company's customer relationship management? Of course not! As you know, the marketing department must also have a say.

As a marketing director, you are completely concerned by this CRM software project because, today more than ever, the marketing and sales functions are closely linked. They need each other to be effective.

You must therefore be the source of the reflection on this CRM project. In order to carry out your mission successfully, we advise you to follow a few rules.

First, be methodical! Map the roles of your team members, accurately identify their needs and yours, determine the essential segmentation criteria, the reports to be produced, etc. (find all the elements not to be missed in our summary grids for B2B CRM projects).

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Secondly, be economical! No, we are not going to ask you to drastically reduce your expenses to finance the CRM project... Simply, it is useless to keep some of your existing tools if you can find the same features in CRM. An inventory is therefore necessary in order to clarify the situation and know which bridges will have to be built or which licensing costs will be saved.

Third, be a soothsayer! Well, we're exaggerating a little bit, but it's important that you can determine what changes are likely to affect your service in the coming years.  Anticipating these needs is the best way to make CRM (and your integrator) your ally for the future.

If you wish to go further and benefit from more detailed advice, do not hesitate to read our E-book to succeed in your B2B CRM project!

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Read CRM e-book

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