Business management software price: what budget for an ERP software

When a company manager decides to set up or change his business management software, the question of the budget to be allocated quickly comes up. This is quite normal: a business management software is the engine of the information system. It allows many gains in the company's performance. 

The allocation of a budget and the calculation of the ROI are therefore a necessary step. To build this budget, it is essential to understand the main methodological lines that your integrator will propose to you, and to separate the two main budget lines: recurring rates and integration rates.

1. Recurring rates of the management software

We are talking here about the budget to be allocated each year:

  • User licenses
  • Hosting / Managed Services
  • Maintenance of the software core (and assistance in upgrading) of the publisher and maintenance of specific developments carried out by your business management software integration partner.

Estimated budget for 50 to 100 users: about $10,000 to $30,000 in license fees (depending on the software) + Hosting / maintenance (depending on your request).

2. Business management software integration prices

Step 1 - The needs definition and design budget

This is often a budget neglected by companies who think that defining the needs of the various services precisely in advance is an unnecessary step. Let's face it: if you neglect this framing phase, you are guaranteed failure for your business management software project.

This Definition & Design step consists, for your integration partner, in knowing the needs of each of your company's departments and translating them into technical and functional requirements. It also aims to support your company and your employees in the management of change (do not forget that business management software has a strong impact on all your internal processes: a business management software well used by all your employees means performance gains in all aspects of your company!)

In addition, the framework will make it possible to specify the number of days required for the integration service (see next point), even if a budget envelope must have been provided to you beforehand.

Estimated price: about $4,000 to $9,000.

Step 2 - the price of business management software integration

This step consists on the one hand in installing the business management software core (i.e. the business management software in its standard version) and on the other hand in adapting it to the processes and specificities of your company. 

This will of course involve a number of specific developments related to your business that your integrator will carry out, as well as the connectors (Outlook, Prestashop gateways, etc.) that will be established with your entire information system.

Traditionally, this integration step is divided into several batches (which you will have prioritized with the help of your ERP integrator) including development, testing and acceptance phases.

Do not underestimate the support that your partner will have to provide you and the time to devote to the project on your side: steering meetings, monitoring and interactions, etc. will ensure the success of your project!

Estimated price: From $700 to $1500 per day/man.

Step 3 - The business management software training price

After the integration has been completed, users must be trained. Your partner must not be satisfied with training on the standard business management software, but must train your employees on the version actually deployed (thus integrating the additional developments and IS connections it has made).

Beyond the interface, your partner must offer you a real change management to ensure that all your services adhere to the new business management software tool and the company's new processes.

Estimated price: about $4,000 to $8,000.

Step 4 - The launch price

This step is essential. In addition to the training and change management described above, your business management software partner must be at your side during the first few months of the tool's launch.

The launch budget will therefore include on-site assistance, ongoing support (telephone or on-site) to meet users' needs, or even additional training points if necessary.

Estimated price: about $2,000 to $5,000.

By adding these different steps together, you may arrive at an important price. That's normal! If not, ask yourself the right questions: you may have underestimated some positions and this should not lead to a failure of your business management software project.

But rest assured: if you choose the best partner, he or she will undoubtedly be able to guide you in setting up your business management software project.

Similarly, if you are concerned that you may not have the necessary financial resources, discuss this with your integrator. He alone has the experience and hindsight to help you prioritize the different batches: which bricks are essential for start-up and which bricks can eventually be integrated later.

So, are you ready to start?

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