The Odoo integrator : Captivea!

You have decided: you want to deploy the Odoo ERP system for your company! First of all, congratulations, this is an excellent decision. Now it remains to be seen with whom you will collaborate to make this ERP deployment a success , such as Broadway has rarely seen. The integrator of the corner because he is the closest? No (unless it's us)! The most famous integrator on the spot because famous wants necessarily to say competent? No (even if it's true, we also have our small community of fans, but it's different ...)! The cheapest integrator because it means he really wants to really work with you? No (we also really want to work with you and do not worry, our prices are quite reasonable ...)! So who with whom?And well with Captivea: ze integrator Odoo pardi pardi (and specialist humor offbeat ... You will not be bored)!

A vision: 360 ° and with laser beams!

At Captivea, we are the best integrators Odoo, because above all we have a global vision (and laser beams, certainly, but it will not serve us much for the ERP integration project, let's be sincere ... We wanted just impress you!). Our teams work on multiple integration projects all year round: CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, specific developments ... The IS have no secrets for us, just like the strategy aspects. We are therefore very good technical experts, in addition to being extraordinary advisors.


One method: STELAR for projects to infinity and beyond!

 Of course, implementing these great projects, including ERP deployments Odoo, imposes a well-honed method . And guess what? The one developed by Captivea is by far, one of the best in the galaxy!

Why ? Already because it is called the STELAR method and it reminds the name of a spaceship. Then, because it has been developed and improved over the years and projects with dozens of clients.

It is based on a principle now well known in project management: agility ! To find out more about this method that could make Buzz light up, it's here: " The STELAR method ".

A team: the dream team that you need!

Even if a vision and a method already make beautiful strings to our bow, it lacks an essential element: the team that goes with it! And again, we will amaze you guys, ladies, because the team Captivea is undoubtedly the best of all time (at least since the benefits of ERP integration exist).

Why ? Because the best  experts are in our walls, that customer service is at the center of all our concerns and that we are all super nice (and funny, and beautiful, and intelligent ... In short, you get the picture)..

An ambition: to conquer the world!

To be at the top of the top, it is a thing that is maintained and nothing like a good dose of ambition to get there! At Captivea, we 've seen double-digit growth for several years now (proof that our customers love us, do not they?).

Staff numbers are only increasing and we broaden the spectrum of our activities regularly, as evidenced by our expertise GDPR . Clearly, we never rest on our laurels, we are the best and want to stay. For this, demand and new challenges guide us every day!

Expertise: Odoo, we love you!

Of course, what you are particularly interested in is the ERP Odoo ! If you're still not convinced that we're the cream of the crop for your project, ask the publisher directly! We have been a privileged Odoo partner for over 5 years now .

We have excellent relationships with members of the Odoo ecosystem and we use our expertise in creating specialized connectors, for example. To conclude, we love Odoo and he makes us feel good!

100,000+ companies enjoy Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and improve your performance

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