Sales management: how to improve efficiency?

Sales management is at the heart of any company: without an effective strategy on the matter, it is difficult to launch a growth strategy or to become a market leader (unless you are in a monopoly of course)!Indeed, sales teams must be able to call a prospect back within 24 hours, quickly identify the maturity of a lead, know the sales forecasts for a specific geographical area, etc. This requires powerful and intuitive software tools that are easy to use, both in the office and in the field.

Let's see how to improve the efficiency of your business management with Odoo.

Centralized sales data

To enable your sales representatives to perform better on their daily tasks, it is essential that they have access to a central database. There's nothing worse than the senior salesman leaving the company along with all the data of his customer portfolio. The person taking over will have no way to benefit from customer history.

To solve this, use Odoo's CRM module. It will allow teams to have a centralized database to store all customer information: appointments, invoices, quotes, applied discount rates, etc. Of course, it is possible to configure the CRM and fine-tune management access rights. Each sales representative only has access to his customers' data, while the manager can view everything in order to establish global performance indicators.

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Accurately track customer relationships

A good CRM such as Odoo also allows you to follow the customer relationship in detail. How?
First off, thanks to customer and prospect tracking: sales representatives are able to know which website pages Mr. X has visited, which emails he has opened, which resources he has downloaded, etc. With this 360° vision, it is easier to determine the maturity level of each lead.

Secondly, Odoo makes building sales scripts easy. Sales scripts are an excellent way to support sales teams in their customer relations. It is a kind of guide for planning activities - calls, meetings, mailing or even quotes - according to the customer's locationon the purchasing cycle. An alert can then be sent to the sales representative to quickly act on an opportunity to relaunch or nurture the relationship.

Facilitate the daily life of sales representatives

You can have the best tools available on the market to improve the sales management of your company, but if these tools do not please your employees, they won't have a positive impact. To ensure that your sales representatives adhere to and use the CRM solution, make sure it is intuitive and ergonomic. Also, check that it meets their needs. Having a long list of features doesn't mean a thing if they do not make the user's work easier.

Here is a shortlist of Odoo features truly dedicated to sales representatives: electronic signature, a mobile application available in offline mode, automatic email campaigns for specific segments, customized pipeline management, multiple addresses, sales report generation, simple customer preference recording...


The Odoo advantage for commercial management

There are hundreds of CRM softwares on the market. It is therefore difficult to agree on which one of them is best. However, with our knowledge of the market and the various projects carried out at our customers' premises, we are advocating in favor of Odoo for two main reasons.

The first is its functional coverage: you may "only" need a CRM to start with, but if the need arises, you can easily add modules for logistics, accounting, point of sale management, etc.
The second is its ergonomics: Odoo is clearly one of the most advanced management softwares on the market in this area.
The user experience is part of Odoo's DNA and it is felt from the first moment Odoo is used.

A lot of companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

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