Revolutionize your field service management with Captivea & Praxedo!

Captivea is pleased to announce its new partnership with Praxedo!

Praxedo is a Field Service solution designed for technical service companies, complementing your ERP software Cegid XRP Flex. It consists of a web platform for the office (100% SaaS) and a mobile application for technicians in the field. Praxedo enables efficient management of schedules for mobile technicians and digitalization of their reports.

Praxedo, a software for your Field Service operations

Optimize your route planning and technicians' efficiency

The combined use of Praxedo  within the Cegid XRP Flex ERP allows you to have an efficient means to optimize your intervention schedules. The features of Praxedo software enable you to optimize your routes and identify the technician with the most suitable profile for the right intervention at the appropriate time

You will then be able to increase your number of interventions per day and per technician, save time on scheduling, and reduce fuel costs and travel times.

Centralizing your Field Service operations in your management system (ERP & Praxedo) will make your technicians more efficient and autonomous. They will be able to benefit from a dedicated mobile application that works in both connected and disconnected modes and is available on all devices. Your electricians, heating engineers, plumbers, or others will have access to all the data for each intervention on the application and will generate digitized reports for your company.


Ensure real-time communication in your processes

Praxedo allows you to establish seamless communication between your office, technicians in the field, and your prospects. This Field Service software offers various tools to help you satisfy your clients. 

Praxedo enables you to obtain the position of a technician on the map and benefit from real-time updates on the status of each intervention. This allows for more responsive communication with your clients, particularly through automatic sending of SMS or emails to keep them informed of the progress of their intervention.

The technician can fill out intervention reports directly from their mobile application, integrating photos, the client's signature, etc., thus reducing unnecessary follow-up visits and potential disputes. The report is then instantly sent to the office, also speeding up invoicing timelines.

The Praxedo software suite provides real-time tracking and control of the progress of your field activities.


Leverage the data collected in the field during your interventions to add value

Praxedo provides you with access to real-time dashboards, allowing you to capitalize on the information gathered in the field for future use. You will make better decisions based on relevant and up-to-date data through your real-time dashboard.

The utilization of Praxedo enables any technical service company to achieve optimized management of its activities based on data collected in the field. You can also obtain complete traceability of each Field Service operation, from the on-site intervention to invoicing.

This application can be used independently or integrated with your management system, particularly Cegid XRP Flex. Once the integration with your integrated management software is done, you benefit from automatic synchronization of your intervention data. This information flows back into Cegid XRP Flex, enabling you to work solely on a single interface.

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Benefit from the advantages of Praxedo connected to your ERP Cegid XRP Flex

Enhance the entire management of your field interventions

Connecting your Cegid ERP to the Field Service Management solution Praxedo offers several advantages for your business:

  • Analyze your company's performance in real-time for better management of your business activity
  • Save time on planning and reduce administrative burden to enhance your organization's productivity
  • Benefit from end-to-end tracking of your operations (contracts, clients, on-site interventions, tickets, equipment, parts, serial numbers...)
  • Implement automated and comprehensive invoicing of your interventions to secure your cash flow and reduce the risk of disputes
Praxedo connected to your ERP Cegid XRP Flex

Count on Captivea's expertise for the implementation and integration of your system

As an expert in ERP solution integration and a Cegid partner, Captivea assists you in the implementation of Cegid XRP Flex so that you can leverage the functionalities of the Praxedo Field Service software.

Benefit from the experience and expertise of Captivea, now partnered with Praxedo, to optimize your tour planning, simplify the work of your technicians on-site, and improve your resource management.

Innovate your field service management with Captivea

Captivea, as leader of Odoo implementation worldwide is the best Odoo and Cegid partner that you can choose!

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