Customizable and high-performing dashboards with Odoo in 2024

The “Dashboard” module of Odoo 17 offers a comprehensive and customizable overview of all key information of the company. It promotes quick visualization of your company’s performance, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), and making informed decisions.

A personalized view for better management

Odoo 17 offers flexibility in customizing dashboards. With this update, users can fully configure their dashboard according to their specific needs and team preferences. 

This customization allows for a global and clear perspective of the entire company, providing a powerful tool for better decision-making. 

Improved structuring

The benefits of using the ERP Cloud solution of Odoo go beyond simply customizing dashboards. The platform offers capabilities to improve organizational structuring and increase operational efficiency.

Automation of task scheduling is one of the key features that contribute to better daily management.

Integrated filtering options

Odoo v17 introduces a new filtering feature, Year-To-Date (YTD), allowing users to define a filtered period for their data.

This new feature offers a variety of filtering options, making information structuring easier. Users can prioritize all components based on the specific needs of their business.

Automation of task scheduling

In addition to filtering options, Odoo 17 offers improved automation of task scheduling. This feature allows users to streamline operational processes, resulting in better efficiency in daily management.


Collaborate with ease with Odoo 17

By sharing dashboards, each team member can contribute to in-depth data analysis, helping to define the necessary improvement measures within the organization. This approach strengthens transparency and engagement of the entire team in achieving organizational goals.

Odoo 17 positions itself as a powerful ERP solution for dashboard management, offering advanced customization, better filtering options, and seamless collaboration

These combined features make this version a useful update for businesses looking to optimize their management and stimulate growth.

Simplified dashboard sharing

Another feature of the new Open Source solution Odoo 17 update is the ability to share dashboards with third parties directly from the dedicated application. This functionality offers users the flexibility to track the progress of their company from anywhere and at any time.


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Please read Odoo 17 Dashboard Release note

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