Improve your manufacturing process in 2024 with Odoo Manufacturing

The Odoo 17 Manufacturing is designed to help you actively manage your manufacturing processes. It provides you with the necessary tools to plan, track and control all stages of your production.

Manage your manufacturing orders with ease

Simplify the management of your manufacturing orders

Odoo 17 simplifies the management of your manufacturing orders by offering advanced planning, tracking and control features from a single Manufacturing Order (MO) report.

Benefit from a comprehensive and detailed overview

Odoo 17 manufacturing provides you with a comprehensive and detailed overview of all production stages, processing times, and quantities produced.

The manufacturing order overview also allows you to visualize production deadlines, associated costs, and available stocks.


Navigate quickly through your production process

With its new user interface that enhances user experience, it is now more convenient to access essential features and navigate through your ERP.

You will also find a more pleasant interface that simplifies your production planning process. This will contribute to improving productivity, quality and coordination within your company.

Optimize your manufacturing lead times and production costs

Planning is an essential process for effectively managing your company’s production. With Odoo 17, you can define the various production stages using the “Components behind schedule” filter, prioritize them, and schedule them optimally from the “Production planning” view.

This feature allows you to optimize delivery times and minimize costs. It is the best way to plan and manage manufacturing orders accurately and efficiently.

Benefit from updated bill of materials

Thanks to the updated bill of materials in Odoo 17, your company can easily adapt to design changes. It allows you to modify, add, or delete components, as well as reorganize assembly structures.

Propagate component demand changes

This propagation of component demand in Odoo’s Manufacturing module facilitates the process of disseminating component needs from individual manufacturing orders to pre-production transfers.

With this functionality, you will be able to effectively track and manage component delivery times, avoiding production delays and stockouts.

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Please read Odoo 17 release note

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